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Call for proposals to visit research groups supported by ERC (ERC_16_MOBIL)
Date of publication of the call: 30 August 2016
Final deadline for submission: 30 December 2017

The call for proposals intends to contribute to the development of researchers affiliated with a research institution in Hungary and to the improvement of their applications in the support programs launched by ERC (Starting Grant (StG), Consolidator Grant (CoG), and Advanced Grant (AdG)), increasing the volume of ERC support as well as the international recognition of researchers and research institutions in Hungary. The call provides the opportunity for researchers affiliated with a research institution in Hungary to spend three to four months in order to conduct research and gain experience at a research group where the principal investigator is supported by a StG, a CoG, or an AdG. Researchers can gain direct experience on how to compose a successful ERC application, how to lead a research group supported by ERC, and how to submit a successful ERC application upon their return.

Who can apply

Host institutions and researchers are eligible to apply jointly as follows:

  • institutions of higher education, research centers, research institutions, budgetary organizations, institutions of budgetary organizations with a legal personality if they qualify as research institutions, with a seat and legal personality in Hungary


  • researcher with a PhD degree (with nostrification in case of non-EU countries) working in any field of science and affiliated with a research institution in Hungary being employed full-time, as a public servant or in other employee status by the host institution and meeting all further criteria detailed in the call.

Researchers already eligible to apply for AdG can only visit AdG grantees; those intending to apply for CoG can only visit CoG or AdG grantees; those applying for StG can visit StG, CoG, or AdG grantees. The declaration of the principal investigator of the ERC research group on the willingness to host the researcher for 3 to 4 months, to include him/her in the research project, and to assist him/her in gaining experience has to be attached to the proposal.

Scope of supported activities

In order to fully complete the activities included in the research and work plan of the thematic basic research proposal submitted to the NRDI Office the following expenses may be reimbursed: one roundtrip to and from the ERC research group, accommodation, local travel, per diem. In addition, the institution is entitled to an overhead of 3%. The total of the accountable expenses cannot exceed EUR 10,000 (HUF 3,150,000) for a three-month stay or EUR 13,000 (HUF 4,095,000) for a four-month stay. 

Available funds

In order to reach the goals of the call, the NRDI Office intends to secure a total amount of HUF 200 million for the period 2016–2017 from the NRDI Fund according to the law on the central budget and with reference to the program strategy of the NRDI Fund; the amount available for the disbursements in 2016 is HUF 100 million. Proposals may apply for a maximum of HUF 3.15 million for 3 months and a maximum of HUF 4.095 million for 4 months per project. The maximal intensity of the support is 100%, that is, completion of the projects does not require own sources.

Duration of the project

Duration of the project is minimum 3 months and maximum 4 months. Start of the project and accounting of the incurring costs is possible from the day following the decision of the NRDI Office at the earliest.

Submission of proposals

Submission of the proposals is possible until the indicated resources are available, by December 30, 2017, the latest. The NRDI Office evaluates the submitted proposals at the end of every quarter (March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31). Proposals submitted electronically by 16:00 on September 30, 2016, will be evaluated in the first round. A proposal submitted until this submission deadline can be considered duly submitted if it is electronically finalized by the researcher and approved by the host institution, and if the printed version also reaches the customer service address of the NRDI Office. The postmark has to show a date before 24:00 on the 7th calendar day following the electronic submission.

Regardless of the discipline, the proposals have to be submitted in English.

For details see the full version of the call.

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