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“Frontline” – Research Excellence Programme (KKP_17)
Date of publication of the call: 12 june 2017
Deadline for submission: 5 September 2017

The “Frontline” – Research Excellence Programme (KKP_17) provides targeted funding to world-class researchers – i.e. the best performers (belonging to the top 10%) in their respective fields of science according to the call – in their most dynamic and creative career phases enabling them to help bridging the gap between Hungary and the developed countries by implementing promising research projects as pioneering leaders in the forefront of international research. By promoting the most outstanding discovery research projects the funding scheme finally fills the gap that could not be filled by the calls facilitating domestic discovery research (K_17, FK_17, NN_17, PD_17 etc.) due to their nature, volume of available budget or the maximum amount of funding per project.

The KKP_17 call is only open to basic research projects without thematic restrictions provided that the applicant’s professional CV and research plan meet the requirements set out in the call. Applicants have the highest chance if they have achieved internationally outstanding scientific results in the past five years and can be reasonably expected to continue this world-class performance on the basis of their research plan.

The call is financed from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund.

Submission of project proposals

Project proposals can be submitted electronically through the Online Application Portal of the NRDI Office by 4:00 p.m. on 5 September 2017 in line with the Guidelines for Applicants. The submission is successful if the proposal was finalised electronically by the applicant and approved by the head of the host institution by the deadline for electronic submission, and if all required documents, provided with original signatures and seal, were sent by postal mail to the Customer Service of the NRDI Office by 12 September 2017 (date of posting). Proposals may not be submitted only electronically or in person.

All proposals must be submitted in English irrespective of the field of science.

Who can apply:

Researchers (leading researchers) with Hungarian or foreign nationality must apply jointly with the host institution which must be

  • a higher education institution, research centre, research institution, budgetary organ or an institution thereof having legal personality if it qualifies as a research facility under the RDI Act.
  • a non-profit organisation pursuing research and development as core activity

domiciled in Hungary and having legal personality.

At the time of application and throughout the entire implementation period the leading researcher must be a full-time worker of the host institution under an employment contract, civil service contract, works contract or other contract aimed at performing work.

Requirements for leading researchers

  • The leading researcher must have a PhD/DLA degree and must belong to a Hungarian host institution.
  • Leaders of projects selected for funding in this call may not apply for funding from the Researchers' Thematic Applications Programme in the first 36 months of the funding period.
  • Leading researchers must fall within the top 10% of their respective fields of science (for the detailed criteria of research, publication or application performance and international embeddedness see the call for proposals).

Eligible objectives and actions

Those actions are eligible which aim to achieve the key objectives developed on the basis of the research and work plan specified in the ““Frontline” – Research Excellence Programme (KKP_17) call and set out in the research project plan submitted to the NRDI Office.

Available budget

The total budget earmarked from the NRDI Fund for the implementation of the programme between 2018 and 2022 is HUF 3 billion (EUR 9.8 million), including HUF 600 million (EUR 1.9 million) to be disbursed in 2018.

Maximum grant per project

The maximum amount of grant for the maximum duration of 60 months is HUF 300 million (nearly EUR 1 million) per project (an annual average of HUF 60 million i.e. EUR 0.2 million) as non-refundable funding. Maximum grant intensity is 100%.

Duration of the project

The project must start no earlier than 1 January 2018 and must be implemented within 60 months from the start date. Eligible project costs can be declared from the start date specified in the grant agreement.

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