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Evaluation system
The OTKA Board annually decides on the amounts of funding to be allocated to specific proposal types from the budget of the given year. It defines the funding ratio of the respective scientific fields on the basis of the requested total amount in the submitted proposals.

The main aspect of evaluation is the proposal’s scientific excellence. This includes the novelty and innovative character of the scientific idea and hypothesis; the expected scientific, economic or social impact of the research; the scientific performance of the principal investigator and the research team; the research capacity devoted to the realization of the research work; the efficiency and qualification of completed OTKA projects; and the appropriate infrastructure of the host institute. The feasibility and reality of the research plan and the proposal’s regularity are also important aspects considered. The nature of science means that not everything can be planned ahead. OTKA treats interdisciplinary and postdoctoral proposals as a priority. In the former case, the co-operation of different scientific fields, methods and institutes can induce synergy and bring unexpected results in more fields. In the latter case, the support of young researchers (PD, NF type of proposals, and research positions in projects) may help to reinforce the scientific community and return young talented researchers from abroad.

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Last modified: January 29, 2015
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