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Bilateral S&T International Cooperation
Hungary currently maintains bilateral science and technology (S&T) cooperation with 46 countries, from which 37 are intergovernmental and 9 are inter-institutional. The National Research, Development and Innovation Office is in charge of coordinating the joint activities. The key objective of the bilateral S&T relations is to support RDI cooperation through call for proposals between the two countries.

The international S&T cooperation is aiming at targeting the world market with the products of the applied research conducted in Hungary, and by doing so we rely on the global researchers’ network. Our declared goals are:

  • to develop the S&T sector in Hungary,
  • to strengthen the international position of Hungarian science,
  • to increase the competitiveness of the innovative segments of the Hungarian economy,
  • to map the possibilities of Hungarian participation in large international R&D projects,
  • to help young researchers get involved in international R&D networks, and
  • to enable Hungarian research teams to join international excellence centers.

The coordination of the international cooperation is the Department for International Affairs.

Further information:

  • List of partner countries
    List of Hungary’s partners in the inter-governmental of inter-institutional relations in the field of Science and Technology.
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