After Hungary joined CERN in 1992 the Hungarian CERN Committee has been established by the Hungarian Government to keep up contacts with the CERN Council and to act on behalf of the Hungarian interest in the course of the Hungarian activity at CERN.
On a governmental level, Hungary is part of the experiments at two out of the four detectors of the Large Hadron Collider’s (LHC), ALICE and CMS; and on a researcher level it is part of the ATLAS experiments. The most important Hungarian cooperation in non-LHC experiments are at the ASACUSA, NA61 and TOTEM.
CERN’s 2012 Knowledge Transfer reflects the commitment towards rich knowledge and the publishing of technological results acquired during the work done at the edge of the human knowledge.
Lyn Evans the builder of the LHC, who is now the director of ILC summarized the actions in LS1, which will finish the construction of the collider by reaching the design 14 TeV energy.
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