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Hungarian researchers abroad
The National Research, Development and Innovation Office wishes to improve communication between researchers working abroad and the stakeholders of Hungarian science and economy, help them work out joint projects and facilitate the return of researchers working abroad.The predecessor of the Office supported the setting up of a National Researcher’s Mobility Portal. Since the beginning of 2006, the data of researchers working abroad have also been being added to this database.

In this continually expanding database of researchers, one can find the data of researchers who registered voluntarily on the Researcher’s Mobility Portal. One can use simple search to look for researchers by the host country, the scientific field they work in and the length of research experience they have. One can use a free interface to search for fields of research.

Networks to unite Hungarian researchers and professionals have been set up in various countries. Besides community building, these communities organise sectoral programmes and ensure communication with scientific circles in Hungary.In order to help Hungarian researchers working abroad to return to Hungary,  information on research opportunities, jobs and support schemes in Hungary as well as the data of companies dealing with research and development are published.

Last modified: February 27, 2015
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