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International networks of Hungarian researchers

Society of Hungarian Researchers in Germany

The Society of Hungarian Researchers in Germany (NMKT) is a non-profit, grassroots community. It is aimed at uniting Hungarian researchers in Germany, promoting the exchange of information and improving the German connections of Hungarian R&D. They though it was important to set up and manage a database of Hungarian researchers in Germany in cooperation with organisations in Hungary.

NMKT has also set up a permanent information network. They started their own homepage and chat forum, partly to support Hungarian science policy with their special means. Most probably, the Society can facilitate the smooth return to Hungary for successful young researchers and quicker exploitation of experience obtained in Germany.

Sweden – Peregrinus Club

Peregrinus Club was established at the end of 2001 in Stockholm. The aim of the Club is to bring together Hungarian professionals, researchers, graduates, students in postgraduate courses and on scholarships in an intellectual centre where they have the chance to keep in touch with each other and also with members of the scientific community in Hungary. The Club enjoys special support from the Hungarian Embassy.


Hungarian America Foundation

The Hungarian America Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit organization, incorporated in the District of Columbia in 2003, for charitable, scientific, literary, and educational purposes.
In particular, the Foundation's goal is to promote Hungarian culture and traditions, foster Hungarian-American relations, and contribute to the mutual understanding of our two countries and peoples. We strive to achieve these goals through cultural, educational, and professional projects.


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