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Zsolt Monszpart delivers at the International Energy and Innovation Forum
The Vice President for Innovation and General Affairs of the NRDI Office made a presentation on the support of the innovative businesses in the Hungarian energy sector, the comprehensive system fostering R&D cooperation projects and opportunities of funding, at a conference organised by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Download the presentation: Excellence inspiring smart innovation PDF (1 597 KB)

Zsolt Monszpart pointed out: the Hungarian research funding system offers several means to strengthen the competitiveness of innovative businesses, and energy research and development projects in particular. Clean and renewable energy is one of those sectoral specialisations defined in the National Smart Specialisation Strategy, which are preferred while awarding funds to numeruous project proposals through the calls of the R&D competitiveness and excellence cooperations (EDIOP-2.2.1-15; CCHOP-2.2.1-16), the National competitiveness and excellence programme (NVKP_16), the Excellence of Strategic R&D centres (GINOP-2.3.2-15; VEKOP-2.3.2-16), the Support of business RDI activities (VÁLLALATI_KFI) and various other schemes.

He also added: more than HUF 230 billion (EUR 754 million) of EU and Hungarian funds were awarded for research, development and innovation, meaning that all RDI target groups, among them research centres and development projects based on cooperation of excellence, received substantial funds so far. In his presentation the Vice President of the NRDI Office emphasized the joint responsibility of the applicants, evaluators and decision-makers to facilitate a value-creating use of the available sources, which is also supported by the NRDI Office maintaning a transparent assessment system and a rigorous monitoring of the projects’ implementation.   

Further information on the RDI financing portfolio: Calls for proposals to foster research, development and innovation in Hungary, 2015-2017

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Monszpart Zsolt innovációs és általános elnökhelyettes (NKFIH)
Zsolt Monszpart vice President for Innovation and General Affairs (NRDI Office)
Utolsó módosítás: 31 March 2017
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