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Policy and strategy
The National Assessment and Roadmap for Research Infrastructures (NEKIFUT) program started in September 2008.
This national network of regional innovation is responsible for the innovation process generation, its coordination, networking of innovation in technology and innovation services and their effective integration into an operative system.
At the request of the Ministry for National Economy the National Innovation Office ( which is predecessor in title of National Research, Development and Innovation Office - NRDIO) prepares the Sectoral Strategic Whitebook for Research, Development and Innovation (KFI ÁSFK). Ministerial approval is expected by the end of 2012.
The Government’s mid-term (2007-2013) science, technology and innovation policy (STI) strategy
The protection of industrial property and intellectual property rights are the responsibility of the Hungarian Patent Office (HPO). Research results may appear in innovative products or in intellectual property rights
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