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R&D, I Infrastructure Strategy (NEKIFUT)

The National Assessment and Roadmap for Research Infrastructures (NEKIFUT) program started in September 2008 with the following objectives:

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    The assessment of the existing domestic R&D research infrastructures’ most important characteristics and needs for development; the creation, maintenance and the publication on the Internet of an R&D, I research infrastructure database, ongoing maintenance and publication – the preparation and operation of a Hungarian register of research infrastructures;
  • The design of an integrated national R&D infrastructure development strategy and program.

Results of the project (2008-2010):

  • The Registry is operating.
  • Documents underpinning the R&D, I Research Infrastructure Development Strategy reached completion (scientific trends relevant to the R&D infrastructure development strategy were revealed; the structure, the main content elements and the recommendations of the work group-reports were drafted; the structure and the main elements of the Managing Board's report were compiled)

The importance and the role of the program:

  • A decision-making opportunity to join international, EU conform large research facilities;
  • increases the level of utilization of large-scale facilities, enhance the competitiveness of domestic R&D infrastructure;
  • increases the chance of obtaining EU R&D, I funds;
  • ensures a more transparent and more efficient use of public funds;
  • R&D infrastructure funding decisions are made through clear, transparent and predictable mechanisms;
  • parallel developments could be prevented and fragmentation could be reduced by taking into account the long-term strategic interests and breakout options;
  • R&D infrastructure development strategy would be an input to the National Innovation Strategy, the building of which is coordinated by the Ministry of National Economy (NGM);
  • new R&D partnerships can develop;
  • Hungarian participation in the EU Framework Program 2014-2020 could rely on an advanced R&D infrastructure strategy;
  • could provide Hungary a leading role as a Sample Project.

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