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Resources for Research, developmentand innovation (R&D, I)
The Structural Funds are the main financial instruments of EU regional policy. Hungary is benefiting from financial sources of the Structural Funds through the pre-accession programs since 1989. However, after officially joining the Union on May 2004, Hungary has gained the right to directly partake of the various Structural Funds.
Out of the programs of the New Hungary Development Plan (NHDP) Operational Programs (GINOP, VEKOP) contributes the most directly to the achievement of the growth target because its main objective is the promotion of the Hungarian economy’s growth by strengthening the competitiveness of the productive sector.
The National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NRDIO) of Hungary is a national strategic and funding agency for scientific research, development and innovation. The NRDIO established by fusion of National Scientific Research Office (OTKA Office) and National Innovation Office (NIO). The new office operated from 01. 01. 2015.
The comprehensive information of available resources and open calls can be found on the http://palyazat.gov.hu/ website
Last modified: February 04, 2015
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