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Innovation Board
The Innovation Board, established by the President of the NRDI Office, held its kick-off meeting on 16th March, 2015. The Chair and Members of the Board which consists of 9 members were invited to participate in this advisory body by the President of the NRDI Office. The Chair of the Board is Dr. János Pakucs, Honorary President of the Hungarian Association for Innovation.

The aim of the Board is to promote the appropriate us of the financial resources available. One of the most important tasks of the Board is the elaboration of specific programmes to facilitate the investment of EU and domestic funds in projects with tangible results contributing to Hungary’s economic and social development. In order to achieve this goal, an evaluation system has been established guaranteeing that RDI ideas best aligned with the potential of the Hungarian economy are funded. In addition to this, the Board will play an important role in defining RDI policy principles, elaborating the RDI strategy based on economic strategies, and selecting expert group members for the evaluation of RDI proposals.

The Board consists of prominent members of the Hungarian economic and scientific community.

Members of the Innovation Board


Pakucs János
Dr. János Pakucs

Ábrahám László

Bod Péter Ákos

Dr. Büki Gergely

Csányi Attila
Dr. László Ábrahám

Dr. Péter Ákos Bod

Dr. Gergely Büki

Attila Csányi

Dóczi Tamás

Dr. Greiner István

Marczis Balázs

Pongrácz Ferenc
Dr. Tamás Dóczi

Dr. István Greiner

Dr. Balázs Marczis

Ferenc Pongrácz
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