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As part of the Economic Development and Innovation Operative Programmes, the National Research, Development and Innovation Office initiated the implementation of a new funding concept in Hungary, in order to drive dynamic collaboration between businesses aiming to work on successful market-oriented development projects and academic institutions with excellent research potential.

Taking place on 27-28 January 2016 at the Strasbourg Convention & Exhibition Centre, France, the event is an opportunity to learn more about the upcoming calls for proposals, as well as to meet consortium partners and draft project ideas.

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Hungary has been one of the most successful contestants of the Central & Eastern European region to win competitive funding from the European Research Council (ERC). However, due to lack of funds, the majority of Hungarian projects that were positively evaluated in the process of preliminary selection fail to win funding. In 2015 The NRDI Office announced a call for proposals to provide bridge financing for these globally acknowledged front-rank research projects that were evaluated among the top proposals by ERC. Such financing will enable researchers to carry on with their scientific work, and allow them to prepare for the submission of another proposal to the ERC while working at a Hungarian host institution, under predictable circumstances.

The “Innovation Ecosystem” funding programme is to reinforce incubators that drive the launch, mentoring and training of startups in order to help create an efficient community and training centers to find, develop and finance promising innovative ideas across Hungary. The NRDI Office conceptualised a scheme to support innovative startups, as well as incubators, which provide all the vital tools for startups for their early stage of growth, in a complex way.

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