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Robert-Jan Smits

The Peer Review of the Hungarian research and innovation system based on consultations with Hungarian stakeholders and prepared through a multistage process, was presented by the members of the independent panel of experts at three consecutive events to the representatives of the government, the press and the RDI community. Robert-Jan Smits, Director General of Research and Innovation of the European Commission also participated in the events where the conclusions and recommendations of the document were presented.
The NRDI Office welcomes opinions, comments, suggestions addressed to from the members of the research and development community and all who is concerned in regards of the Peer Review


All RDI target groups received substantial funds as a result of the decisions made in the first phase of the application process. Nearly HUF 200 billion (EUR 645 million) EU and Hungarian funds were awarded for research and development and innovation (RDI) in the first evaluation rounds under the calls for proposals announced last year and this year – said József Pálinkás, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office at a press talk held in the NRDI Office.

Pálinkás József
ERC lead hírlevél

By launching a respective mobility programme, the NRDI Office has joined the initiative of the European Research Council (ERC), urging future applicants to broaden their experience with research teams of existing ERC grantees. Support financed from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund allows Hungarian researchers to spend three or four months with a research group led by an awarded ERC applicant.


The Call published by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office aims to support the participation of Hungarian institutions in the international collaborative EUREKA projects by providing the necessary Hungarian funds.

Hazai forrás közép-magyarországi innovatív vállalkozások KFI tevékenységéhez

The first submission stage of the call titled VÁLLALATI KFI_16 funded out of the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund was closed on 17 August 2016. The micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies based in Budapest and Pest County are eligible for the HUF 21 billion (EUR 67 million) programme with independent research and development projects. The applicants of the first round applied for funds nearly three times over the total available budget.


The Directorate-General for Research and Innovation offers free of charge services for completed and ongoing research projects in the field of energy of FP7 and H2020 programme. Project partners can request one or more services in the form of project risk analysis, exploitation strategy seminars, business plan development service, assistance for patenting, brokerage events and ad hoc assistance.

Jövő gyárai

In a roadmapping workshop with international experts from industry and academia, professionals form manufacturing and IT, representatives from associations, technology and business consultants will together map out the key research priorities in the area of smart industrial components and systems to feed back to the EC for future funding priorities. Also the prevalent non-technological and socio-economic aspects will be contemplated. The workshop will be held just before the FoF Info Day on 14 October.


The SME Instrument budget has been increased to EUR 437.5 million for 2017. The increase concerns four topics: Healthcare and biotechnology (SMEInst-05 topic), Sustainable agriculture, forestry (SMEInst-07 topic), Blue growth (SMEInst-08 topic), Climate action, environment, raw materials, resource efficiency (SMEInst-11 topic).

SME instrument

Addressed to managers of procurement on public construction, the NRDI Office organises a training session and an open forum on public procurement of innovative solutions in the sustainable building sector. The event that takes place on 28 September 2016 in the town of Szentendre, is part of the training activity within the European project PROBIS to promote bidding through innovative solutions aimed at increasing energy efficiency and sustainability of European public buildings

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