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Pálinkás József - London 2016.10.25.

Multiple opportunities on scientific cooperation were discussed by József Pálinkás, President of the NRDI Office (NRDIO) with high-ranking officials of the British government and academia.


London, 24 October 2016 ­– The President of NRDI Office delivered a public lecture on the RDI system in Hungary at the prestigious Clare College of the University of Cambridge. During his visit to London, meeting high ranking government officials and university leaders and in relation to the planned reform of research funding in the UK, Pálinkás also addresses the outcome of the integration of research funding in Hungary completed in 2015.

Cambridge University

Joint utilisation of their research infrastructure capacities, consultation and cooperation in the planning phase of major investment projects – these issues were on the agenda of the meeting where the innovation, research and development funding agencies of the V4 countries met on 6 October 2016, in Brno.


COST means an excellent opportunity for the Hungarian scientific community, especially for the young, said József Pálinkás, President of the NRDI Office at the ministerial meeting of the organisation on 22 September 2016 in Bratislava. Many have been given chances to extend their professional connections and exchange knowledge in science and technology. Just in 2015 alone, almost 500 Hungarian researchers participated in 235 COST actions, winning grants more than EUR 600,000 as opposed to the annual membership fee of EUR 6800.

Peer Review

The NRDI Office welcomes opinions, comments, suggestions from the members of the research and development community and all who is concerned, to be addressed to a dedicated e-mail, in regards of the recommendations and conclusions of the Peer Review prepared by the independent experts invited by the EU.


In connection to the EU initiative aimed at increasing the demand for innovative and sustainable building construction solutions and enhancing the successful participation of innovative SMEs in related public procurements, the National Research, Development and Innovation Office organised a professional forum in Szentendre, in the framework of its innovation services.

ERC lead hírlevél

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced its 2017 grant competitions with a total budget of around EUR 1.8 billion, the highest ever since the ERC's inception in 2007.


The European Commission is organising a Stakeholder info day on 8 December 2016, in Brussels. The aim of the event is to present the updated Work Programme on “Nature-based solutions for urban regeneration and territorial resilience” and ”Heritage-led rural regeneration” and to facilitate networking.

H2020 információs nap

The list of evaluators who select the most promising projects for H2020 has been published. The list contains experts that have evaluated proposals in 2015. Evaluators are categorised by nationality and topic.


The European University Association (EUA) has assigned a team of experts to gather evidence regarding the possible outcomes of Brexit for European research programmes and higher education. On 9 September, EUA published a short factsheet on the possible status of UK universities in a post-Brexit scenario, particularly regarding participation in these programmes.

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