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Pálinkás József a magyar-francia tudományos együttműködések fejlesztéséről tárgyalt Párizsban

József Pálinkás held talks on scientific relationships and cooperation between research institutions in Paris. The President of the NRDI Office participated in and gave a speech at the EU13 Forum forming part of the jubilee event of the European Research Council, then he held talks with the scientific advisory organization of the French legislative bodies as well as the representatives of the most significant research funding organizations between 15 and 16 March 2017 in Paris. The French cooperation agreement related to the ELI laser centre in Szeged was also signed.


Szonja Csuzdi, Head of Department of International Affairs of the NRDI Office delivered a presentation at a Budapest conference, on EU funds available also for Hungarian SMEs through direct applications. The event and the subsequent panel discussion were both covered by the Novum magazine aired on the M5 television channel.

Round table on the achievements in H2020 by Hungarian companies and the perspectives of running for direct European funds

The National Research, Development and Innovation Office has announced a new call for applications to encourage businesses operating in Hungary to involve Hungarian students studying in UK higher education institutions as summer interns, in their R&D and innovation activities.


In connection with Horizon 2020 calls, this year the NRDI Office organises more than 20 thematic information days and consultation events to facilitate the participation and success rate of domestic stakeholders in the competition for EU funds. At these events the experts of the NRDI Office provide information and practical advice, and they are also ready to answer questions arising throughout the application process. They also encourage sharing experience of others gained from previous applications, which are all useful and essential for a successful application in the competition for directly accessible European funds.


How does a good funding decision multiply success? The R&D community and society in general both expect promising projects financed from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund to deliver against the objectives. Convincing performance, advanced research achievements, products of new developments, direct and indirect social benefits by the enabling power of innovation are at the focus of the highlighted gallery of completed projects all worthy of public attention.

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