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Spain shows interest in joining the international consortium formed to utilise the capacities of the ELI laser research centre in Szeged, Hungary, however, further negotiations are necessary before making any commitment on membership – József Pálinkás said while summing up the results of his visit to Madrid. The Spanish government’s endorsement depends on the willingness of the Spanish researcher community to use the laser facility; in this regard, the head of the laser centre in Salamanca and the rector of the Technical University of Madrid had already given a positive feedback.


Efficient science diplomacy can be pursued only on the basis of excellent scientific and R&D achievements – József Pálinkás said to Hungarian diplomats on 3 June, the opening day of a conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Budapest. Science and technology (S&T) attachés are responsible for the visibility of Hungarian RDI results and promoting the international networking of domestic stakeholders, in places of key importance for Hungary’s economic and cultural presence.

Smart Hungary exhibition

Another 69 Hungarian R&D and innovation projects have won funding under the call of “R&D competitiveness and excellence cooperation programmes” within the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (EDIOP/GINOP). According to the funding decision of the Ministry of National Economy being responsible for the assessment of submitted entries and decision-making, the winning consortia receive HUF 66 billion (EUR 215 million) to implement development projects with a total budget of HUF 92.9 billion (over EUR 300 million). Consortia formed by 125 cooperating businesses (SMEs, large companies, other businesses) and 99 higher education institutions or research centres have won HUF 350 million to 2 billion (EUR 1.1 to 6.5 million) each, to achieve marketable scientific results.


Cooperation opportunities with large American companies performing R&D activities in Hungary were also discussed when a delegation of 24 people from the US-Hungary Business Council (USHBC) met the President of the NRDI Office. The US-Hungary Business Council is a non-profit organisation aimed to ease and promote the dialogue on bilateral trade relations between the two countries. Formed in January 2016, the organisation is currently presided by Eric Stewart, who was heading the delegation in the NRDI Office.

Amerikai világcégek képviselőit fogadta az NKFI Hivatal elnöke
Startup Campus

After visiting seven Hungarian university towns and London, the roadshow of the Startup Campus launched with the support of the NRDI Office was finished in Berlin. In his opening presentation at the event, József Pálinkás, President of the NRDI Office highlighted the development achievements of the domestic innovation ecosystem and also told about the concept of the Campus Budapest multifunctional community centre to be launched at the Millenáris area, in the heart of Budapest.


Hungary can be proud that Science on Stage this year was hosted by a university town of a Teaming winner consortium, one of the excellence centres of our country – the President of the NRDI Office said in Debrecen at the closing ceremony of Europe’s largest natural science education fair. The prestigious event organised for teachers was sponsored also by the NRDI Office.

Science On Stage
Personalised therapy for paediatric tumours

The incidence of tumours in children is much lower than in adults, and the treatment of leukemia, one of the most frequent tumorous disease in children often leads to full recovery. However, in the case of solid tumours the prospects are worse than this. The researchers working on a winning project in the National Competitiveness and Excellence Programme funded from the NRDI Fund take a unique approach to acquire new knowledge of paediatric solid tumours which may enhance the delivery of new effective medication.

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