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The European Network of Innovation Agencies (TAFTIE)
The European Network of Innovation Agencies (TAFTIE)
28 December 2017
Last modified: 28 December 2017
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  • strengthening the cooperation of European institutes managing national research, development, and innovation programmes;
  • analysis and exchange of good practices regarding the implementation of national innovation programmes;
  • increasing the participation of enterprises (primarily SMEs) in international research, development, and innovation projects;
  • strengthening national technology platforms, and bringing them to international level.

Description of activities:

The European Network of Innovation Agencies (TAFTIE) has 30 organisational members from 28 European countries. Presidency is assumed by different member organisations each year; the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) serves as president in 2017, to be followed by the Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) in 2018.

The major bodies of TAFTIE include the Board, the main decision-making body, and the Executive Working Group comprising one delegate from each member organisation.

In addition to these bodies, TAFTIE also operates various Task Forces and ad hoc working groups with a view to considering and analysing specific current issues, and sharing the relevant views and experiences of the agencies. Task Forces worked on the following matters during the last few years: state aid; the benchmarking, impact, and efficiency of policy measures taken by the innovation agencies; competence centres; project selection processes. Two new Task Forces were launched in 2016 and 2017: the High Potential SME Community seeks to identify and support SMEs with high innovation potential, and the Soft Power Task Force was set up to analyse the new framework of innovation financing created by the establishment of the European Innovation Council (EIC), and to prepare the innovation agencies for facing the resulting challenges. NRDI Office is a member of the latter Task Force. Participation in the Task Forces is voluntary.

TAFTIE organises trainings and workshops for its member organisations under the aegis of the “TAFTIE Academy” on various subject matters such as the operation of competence centres, financial instruments, issues pertaining to the management of research, development, and innovation schemes, assessment procedures etc.

Year of joining: 2009

Membership fee: EUR 10,000 per annum

Advantages of membership:

  • interest representation at European level in important matters relating to research, development, and innovation policy;
  • participation opportunity in the Task Forces, and examining various current issues;
  • learning about directions, current issues, and trends in European research, development, and innovation, and support for preparing for such challenges domestically;
  • opportunity to learn about the programmes, application methods, and best practices of other innovation agencies;
  • opportunity to enter into new relations and cooperation.


Updated: 28 December 2017
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