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Promoting economic growth and competitiveness is a high priority area for all EU Member States. Inventions, innovation and true entrepreneurship are the key elements for future success. The National Innovation Office (NIH), which is responsible for managing R&D and innovation affairs on governmental level under the umbrella of the Prime Minister Office, Hungary, organised an international workshop on trilateral base, involving experts from different organisations form Hungary, Finland and Estonia in Budapest on September 10-11, 2014.
2014. szeptember 16.
In accordance with the previously signed “Cooperation Program for the years 2013- 2014 between the Government of Hungary and the Government of Flanders in implementation of the Cooperation Treaty between the Government of the Republic of Hungary and the Government of Flanders”, a project generating scientific workshop was held in Budapest on June 25 organized by the Flemish Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), the Hungarian Academy of Science (HAS) and the National Innovation Office of Hungary (NIH).
2014. július 02.
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