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Innovation policies

A new working process has started under the coordination of the Ministry for National Economy: the aim is to build up a new national R&D&I strategy that will alternates the actual governmental mid-term strategy valid for 2007-2013. There is a strong need to renew the present strategy:

  • It is necessary to understand the new paradigm and to use a modern, innovation policy approach that:
    1. works with the latest international tendencies (Innovation Union, OECD Innovation Strategy),
    2. builds on the best practices of EU countries with similar conditions to Hungary (Ireland, Austria, Finland),
    3. completes the strictly research and development based technology innovation approach with the broader concept of innovation

  • The new strategy will cover the time frame 2014-2020 and ensure and facilitate the necessary governmental initiatives to reach the qualitative and quantitative targets defined by the EU 2020 strategy
  • the Science–Innovation programme in the Hungarian national strategic reference framework (called: New Széchenyi Plan – ÚSZT) has to be tuned to the new priorities
  • The R&D&I strategy is closely linked to the Hungarian science policy, but they are managed and elaborated separately in order to ensure clear liabilities and effective execution. It focuses mainly on utilisation-oriented research and development and the innovation activities of companies in general.

The development works on the 2020 R&D&I strategy go in parallel with the planning of the ÚSZT and the related calls for proposals, that helps to reach synergy already in the development phase between the different strategic documents.

Utolsó módosítás: 2013. szeptember 02.
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