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Industrial R&D projects awarded in competitiveness and excellence programmes
The National Research, Development and Innovation (NRDI) Office has announced the results of its funding schemes aimed at fostering strategic long-term sustainable cooperation between research institutions and industrial actors.

A total funding of HUF 27 billion (EUR 88,5 million) was awarded from the domestic innovation fund specifically to projects effectively addressing the economic and social problems of the 21st century through marketable research findings in the fields of agri-innovation, digital manufacturing, quantum technology and brain research.

The competitive project funding system promotes discovery research, targeted developments and innovative businesses in a balanced way contributing to the gradual and sustainable improvement of innovation performance – József Pálinkás, President of the NRDI Office pointed out in relation to the recently announced results.

47 project proposals worth HUF 37.5 billion (EUR 123 million) in total were submitted to the “Competitiveness and excellence cooperations” call which had a budget of HUF 17 billion (EUR 55 million). As a result of the multi-stage assessment 22 projects were selected for funding to produce marketable research findings. In the digital manufacturing sub-programme, the winners included for example the consortium led by evopro which develops a modular digital manufacturing technology framework and related services for SMEs, while the agri-innovation and biotechnology sub-programme provided funding for various purposes including the improvement of timber-mass yield and quality or the increase of pork quality by replacing antibiotics with medicinal herbs in forage.

The HUF 10 billion budget (EUR 33 million) of the “National Excellence Programme” enables the continuation of the National Brain Research Programme which is closed this year and which has achieved remarkable results, as well as the domestic contribution to quantum technology which is developing dynamically around the world. In these most competitive strategic areas, which are also among the FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) flagship initiatives of the European Union, research and development projects address high-profile scientific and technological challenges with results that can be applied in practice.

The two calls were open only to Central Hungarian consortiums, as the NRDI Office has defined it as a key priority to ensure access to RDI sources for the region where most Hungarian capacities are concentrated but which is not eligible for the RDI funds of the European Union earmarked for the convergence regions.

Utolsó módosítás: September 08, 2017
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