Action plan to relaunch the economy: huge interest shown for higher education development funding
“38 higher education institutions submitted project proposals, requesting a total of HUF 2400 billion in funding, for the call for requesting opinions initiated by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology. With the construction investments and asset purchases to be made in the years to come, Hungarian higher education may see a development of historic proportions comparable only to those carried out by Klebelsberg.
New institutional collaboration to boost market access for businesses
This year’s OTKA calls attract enormous interest
Horizon Europe information events attract thousands
A circular economy science and innovation park to be set up in Nagykanizsa
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Funding decisions
Code of call Title of the call Date of decision  
Support of activities fostering the domestic and international protection of intellectual property to facilitate industrial utilisation. 8th round 20 December 2022
Support of activities fostering the domestic and international protection of intellectual property with the aim of facilitating the utilisation of such intellectual property 20 December 2022
Support for participation in the Horizon Europe Key Digital Technologies (KDT) partnership 09 December 2022
Call for proposals: Support of Hungarian organisations successfully participating in joint international ERA-NET COFUND and EJP COFUND programmes, 6th round 09 December 2022
Building the Selye János Student Lab network 08 December 2022
Establishing and developing centres of excellence 08 December 2022
Support for Hungarian participation in the applied research and development programme in Hungarian–Uzbek cooperation 08 December 2022
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Bioinformatics and Data Science in Genomic Studies
24 November 2022, 10:00
online conference
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New domestic call supports Hungarian participation in EIT KIC activities with HUF 500 million TRANSCAN-3 ERA-NET call 2021 on next generation cancer immunotherapies will be announced soon
Support for participation in the ECSEL joint EU initiative (2019-2.1.3-NEMZ_ECSEL) CHANSE ERA-NET 2021 - Transformations: Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Digital Age
Support for participation in joint EU initiatives (2019-2.1.2-NEMZ) European Green Deal Call raises high number of proposals under Horizon 2020
One hundred extra points for the top three performers of the innovation contest at university admissions Commission gives the green light to the successor of BBI JU
Project proposals “endorsed” or “endorsed from the reserve list” from an RDI policy perspective for the purposes of participation in the 2020-1.1.2-PIACI KFI call for applications UK’s participation in Horizon Europe
Projects with endorsing professional opinion under the call ”Investment in the future” (2020-1.1.6-JÖVŐ) New call for international research projects
Projects with endorsing professional opinion under the call ”KKV START Innovation” (2020-1.1.1-KKV START), 3rd round Commission consults on new EU Soil Strategy
Projects with endorsing professional opinion under the call ”Fast track” (2020-1.1.5-GYORSÍTÓSÁV) Let’s help bridge the digital divide in Central and Eastern Europe
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