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Commission consults on new EU Soil Strategy
Commission consults on new EU Soil Strategy
03 February 2021
Modified: 03 February 2021
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The European Commission has launched an online public consultation on the development of a new EU Soil Strategy. This is the last of a set of public consultations on different ecosystems delivering on the specific commitments in the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030.

Healthy soils produce our food and raw materials, clean our drinking water, reduce flood risks and store huge amounts of carbon. They are essential for achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal such as climate neutrality, biodiversity restoration, zero pollution, healthy and sustainable food systems and a resilient environment. Yet our soils are degrading due to unsustainable management, overexploitation, climate change and pollution. For that reason, the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 announced the adoption of a new Soil Strategy in 2021.

Deadline of public consultation: 27 April 2021.

Online public consultation: Healthy soils – new EU soil strategy

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Updated: 03 February 2021
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