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Report on the Research Integrity Practices in Science Europe member organisations
Report on the Research Integrity Practices in Science Europe member organisations
18 July 2016
Last modified: 14 December 2017
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The report released within the framework of the Science Europe  (SE) Roadmap presents the results of a survey of member organisations, undertaken in 2014 by the Working Group on Research Integrity. The aim of the survey was to map existing policies, procedures and practices for promoting research integrity and preventing and sanctioning misconduct, in the context of the member orgainisations’ activities.

The SE Roadmap describes how enhanced research integrity policies can contribute to supporting borderless science, facilitating science, communicating science and improving the scientific environment. The Working Group on Research Integrity was established by SE in order to facilitate the implementation of these research integrity policies by enhancing the understanding of this area, and developing recommendations for how SE member organisations can advance these  policies and processes in their own organisations.

The survey elicited 27 responses, encompassing 33 different organisations. A number of recommendations on processes and policies, awareness raising, training and collaboration emerged from the findings of the survey. The recommendations should be viewed and interpreted in accordance with the specific organisational and national setting applicable to each member organisation.

More information: _Europe_Integrity_Survey_Report_July_2016_FINAL.pdf

Updated: 14 December 2017
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