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Submission deadline
Funds available per project
Funding requests submitted
Project duration
National technology and intellectual property, venture capital programme (GINOP-8.1.3/A-16)
31 December 2023
HUF 9-500 Mn
2-7 years
Smart specialisation, venture capital programme (VEKOP-2.1.2-17)
21 December 2023
HUF 200-1500 Mn
2-7 years
Support of Hungarian organisations successfully participating in joint international ERA-NET COFUND and EJP COFUND programmes (2019-2.1.7-ERA-NET)
30 November 2020
HUF 33,3-99,9 M
max: 36 months
Support to Hungarian participation in the EUREKA programme (2019-2.1.1-EUREKA)
29 October 2020
HUF 20-70 Mn
max: 36 months
Pilot project promoting the establishment and operation of energy communities (2020-3.1.4-ZFR-EKM)
30 September 2020
HUF 100 M-1 Bn
max. 24 months
Support for participation in joint EU initiatives (2019-2.1.2-NEMZ)
30 June 2020
HUF 0-120 Mn
max: 36 months
Support for participation in the ECSEL joint EU initiative (2019-2.1.3-NEMZ_ECSEL)
30 June 2020
max: 48 months
Ensuring energy supply to settlements using alternatives to natural gas supply, advanced technologies and resilience services (2020-3.1.3-ZFR-TEFH)
19 June 2020
HUF 750 M-1,5 Bn
max. 24 months
Business RDI, loan (GINOP-8.1.1-16)
31 May 2020
HUF 100-3000 Mn
Maximum 15 years, for start-ups maximum 10 years.
Implementation of development projects aimed at the conversion of excess carbon-free power to gas (hydrogen, biomethane) with innovative technology (2020-3.1.2_ZFR-KVG)
29 May 2020
HUF 1-2,5 Bn
max. 24 months
Implementation of development projects improving the stability and resilience of power grids through innovation (2020-3.1.1_ZFR-VHF)
29 May 2020
HUF 30 M - 1,1 Bn
max. 24 months
Support of activities fostering the domestic and international protection of intellectual property with the aim of facilitating the utilisation of such intellectual property (IPARJOG_15)
HUF 0.6 - 7.1 Mn
max 24 months