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Successful projects
Achievements and successes – to be proud of
How does a good funding decision multiply success? The R&D community and society in general both expect promising projects financed from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund to deliver against the objectives. Convincing performance, advanced research achievements, products of new developments, direct and indirect social benefits by the enabling power of innovation are at the focus of the highlighted gallery of completed projects all worthy of public attention.
New success in the fight against the coronavirus: Hungarian researchers discovered how the Delta variant infects
Publication date: 18 February 2022
Molecular fingerprints of synaptic functions
Publication date: 25 June 2018
The role of inflammatory processes in the diseases of the nervous system
Publication date: 21 June 2018
Unmatched high-resolution electron microscope deployed in Hungary
Publication date: 21 June 2018
We develop real-time web-based recommender systems
Publication date: 12 June 2018
From the function of nerve cell extensions toward understanding how memory works
Publication date: 03 June 2018
Breakthrough in the therapeutic treatment of leukemia in adults with Hungarian contribution
Publication date: 19 April 2018
Adolescent brain development – the role of sleep in learning
Publication date: 20 November 2017
Mechanisms through which inflammatory processes influence the evolution of neurological diseases
Publication date: 12 July 2017
Plasma TV sets, egg-boxes, objects made of foam-structured plastic - from plastic bottles?
Publication date: 11 May 2017
Basic research into nanooptics lays the foundation for new practical applications
Publication date: 11 May 2017
Letting the Spirit out of PET bottles
Publication date: 11 May 2017
“We are heading for new directions in brain research”
Publication date: 11 May 2017
Addiction among Hungarian youth – facts and trends
Publication date: 25 April 2017
“I need to achieve something that mathematicians all over the world have been awaiting for a decade”
Publication date: 12 April 2017
Veszprém-based development to open up new perspectives on the world of particles
Publication date: 30 March 2017
Tooth enamel helps identify historical migration routes
Publication date: 08 August 2016
Efficient medicine may treat neuropathic pain
Publication date: 26 July 2016
Drones and anti-drone interceptors are taught to think
Publication date: 26 July 2016