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Hungarian and international RDI news
British applicants to Horizon 2020
Publication date: 03 November 2017
Digital Innovation Hubs - training programme
Publication date: 03 November 2017
Future innovators will need creativity, work and an inspiring environment
Publication date: 19 October 2017
EU Prize for Women Innovators
Publication date: 28 September 2017
Smart Hungary exhibition sees great success in Australia
Publication date: 14 September 2017
Hungarian-led nanotech consortium wins EU funding with NRDI Fund contribution
Publication date: 08 September 2017
Expanding research programmes in cooperation with the Austrian Science Fund
Publication date: 27 July 2017
Public Consultation: Contribute to the Tallinn Call for Action
Publication date: 21 July 2017
European XFEL starts operation phase
Publication date: 05 July 2017
EMBL Council selects next Director General
Publication date: 28 June 2017
Startup Campus shows up in Berlin
Publication date: 23 June 2017
Particle accelerator for the X-ray laser in Hamburg is operating
Publication date: 24 April 2017
Innovative solutions to improve quality of live for the elderly
Publication date: 20 April 2017
József Pálinkás held talks on enhancing Hungarian-French scientific cooperation in Paris
Publication date: 17 March 2017
Two out of 10 European centres of excellence will be launched in Hungary
Publication date: 23 February 2017
EU’s persistent research and innovation gap exposed in six charts
Publication date: 16 February 2017
Strengthening Transnational Funding Cooperation to tackle the urbanization challenge – Opportunities for Danube Region Countries
Publication date: 16 February 2017
Health research: Commission awards €1 million to breakthrough test which distinguishes between viral or bacterial infections
Publication date: 16 February 2017
Commission and EIF start selecting Pan-European Venture Capital Fund-of-Funds promoters
Publication date: 16 February 2017
Brexatom delivers first big blow to EU/UK science collaboration
Publication date: 16 February 2017