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Information on procurement rules applicable to innovation projects funded from the NRDI Fund
21 May 2019
Modified: 21 May 2019
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The National Research, Development and Innovation Office (hereinafter: NRDI Office) provides the following information to Beneficiaries about the rules of procurement in innovation projects funded from the NRDI Fund:

In general, every cost item must be supported by a valid letter of information or price quote issued by a party participating in the situation and market study. This document includes (if a new device is purchased as part of the project after the submission of the funding request), for example:

  • name, signature and statement on distributor or manufacturer status of each party participating in the situation and market study;
  • exact description, type, technical specifications and professional characteristics of the subject matter of the market study, and, in the case of custom-made products, detailed indication of the technical conditions and specific cost calculation;
  • year of manufacture and the distributor’s statement confirming that the product is new;
  • link to the website of each party participating in the situation and market study.

Unless the contrary is proved, the NRDI Office will consider such statements as an expression of commitment, i.e. that the issuer made, confirmed and accepted to be bound by the statement.

If a quote expressly states that its issuer engages in the manufacture/distribution of the product or production of the service on a commercial basis and that the product is new, the NRDI Office will accept such price quote as a statement, but in this case it must be dated, signed and sealed or electronically signed.

To the best knowledge of the NRDI Office, SAP and SCALA are both reliable software solutions which not only provide real information for decision-making but also make it possible to view file history. This ensures the validity of the price quotes generated by these systems. However, it is also clear that the dated, signed and sealed supplier declarations – on the validity of the price quote generated by the CRM system – shall always prevail.

The same rule applies to price quotes submitted online. The NRDI Office will accept the screenshot or printout of a price quote if the parties, the subject matter, the value, the project code and the date of print screen or printing are clearly legible and identifiable. However, please note that any price quote generated from a CRM system or online must be submitted together with the bidder’s express statement on commercial activity and/or new product (dated, signed and sealed or provided with electronic signature).

The NRDI Office will accept the subsequent indication of the project code on the price quote in the form of a clause added by the Contracting Authority.

Updated: 21 May 2019
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