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Coronavirus - Over a hundred people cured with blood plasma therapy, new donors are welcome
11 November 2020
Modified: 11 November 2020
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Budapest, Saturday, 7 November 2020 (MTI) - Over a hundred patients have been cured by blood plasma treatment. The research group funded by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology (MIT) is now inviting new donors, the Ministry informed MTI (Hungarian Press Agency) on Saturday morning.

OrthoSera research group is looking for potential donors already recovered from coronavirus infection to help provide patients with blood plasma treatment. More than a hundred people were cured by applying one of the most effective treatment presently known in Hungary, MIT informed.

There is an increasing demand for blood plasma therapy all over the world as this supportive treatment is proving to be effective for an increasing number of severely affected patients. The research group is in constant need of new donors because the antibodies helping fight off the virus can be distracted from the plasma provided by them, they wrote.

The press release refers to Zsombor Lacza, head of OrthoSera research group who pointed out that the pandemic is in the ascending phase increasing the demand for new donors. He also added that frozen plasma can only be preserved for a couple of months, thus, after having consumed the quantity collected in the first wave, there is a need for replenishing the supplies. One to three units of blood plasma can be drawn from each donor meaning that one donor can help one patient. Only those donors’ blood plasma is effective who have already recovered from the infection and still have high levels of antidote in their blood.

To donate blood, write to or call +36 70 363 8768.

To support the launching of blood plasma therapy as a treatment for coronavirus, MIT and the National Research, Development and Innovation Office granted HUF 113 million

Source: MTI

Updated: 11 November 2020
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