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Coronavirus pandemic: Update on financial reporting rules and suspension of the on-site inspection of projects funded from the NRDI Fund
Coronavirus pandemic: Update on financial reporting rules
18 March 2020
Modified: 08 April 2020
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Given the extraordinary circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the NRDI Office informs the beneficiaries of projects funded from the NRDI Fund as follows:

Reporting costs of travels and events cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic

The current pandemic may affect the implementation of funded projects and the performance of project commitments, in particular through the cancellation of scheduled travels and events. Applying the rules of force majeure, the already paid and unrecovered costs of cancelled travels and events are considered eligible under the project by the NRDI Office. Beneficiaries are dispensed from the obligation to report on cancelled travels and events (with the exception stated below), but are required to state the related costs in their upcoming progress report, providing detailed reasons for the cancellation and presenting the steps taken to mitigate damage and recover costs (if possible, with supporting documents). The NRDI Office will verify the eligibility of each cost item with respect to force majeure.

Please note, however, that if the cancellation of the travel or event makes it impossible to implement the project in its entirety, the NRDI Office must be notified accordingly, in line with the provisions set out in the Terms of Performance.

If the current pandemic is likely to cause changes to the implementation or schedule of the project, it may become necessary to amend the funding agreement or the funding document, also subject to the Terms of Performance.

Submission of reports and responses to notices of deficiency related to reports and amendment requests

In order to ensure the uninterrupted processing of reports and amendment requests, in addition to hard copies please also submit all documents in response to notices of deficiency electronically, in the form of scanned copies (and tables in Excel format) to, unless the reports were submitted over the Online Participant Portal (EPTK). For users of cloud-based services, it is enough to upload the documents requested in the notice of deficiency to their storage space, and send the password to the above email address of the NRDI Office.

In the case of reports and amendment requests submitted via the EPTK, for faster processing and due to the special characteristics of the participant portal, the NRDI Office may also send notices of deficiency in email instead of the EPTK to the contact person/project leader (and at the email address) indicated in the EPTK. Please follow the above steps even if you are notified in email.

In order to ensure the uninterrupted processing of financial reports submitted through the Electronic Portal of Proposals (EPR), you are kindly requested to forward the scanned copies of duly executed interim and final financial reports, together with applicable statements, to

The documents submitted electronically in line with this measure and accepted by the NRDI Office will not be required to be submitted in hard copy later, but please note that the NRDI Office may examine such documents at a future on-site inspection.

Suspension of on-site inspections

Furthermore, please be advised that with regard to the state of danger announced by Government Decree 40/2020 (11 March), the NRDI Office has suspended the on-site inspection of funded projects.

We will update you as soon as the deficiency procedures related to reports and amendment requests and the on-site inspection of projects are back to normal.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

NRDI Office

Updated: 08 April 2020
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