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HUF1.7 billion for the international promotion of domestic research results
06 December 2021
Modified: 13 December 2021
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“For the first time this year, the Ministry for Innovation and Technology (ITM) has awarded grants to 434 researchers and research centres in the Science Patronage call. With a significantly increased budget compared to the original plans, the new funding scheme will help internationalise the Hungarian research community, enabling the presentation and promotion of scientific results,” announced Tamás Schanda, Deputy Minister of ITM.

The call, launched in August this year, was managed by the National Research, Development and Innovation (NRDI) Office and included four sub-programmes. Eligible activities included participation in an international conference abroad, the organisation of an international conference in Hungary, the production of media materials presenting the results of science and innovation, and the publication of scientific books. A total of 648 valid proposals were received by the deadline.

Thanks to the first two sub-programmes, 270 researchers will be able to participate in international conferences abroad, and 40 international conferences will be organised in Hungary in a wide range of scientific fields not only in the capital but also in several rural locations, from Baja, Debrecen, Miskolc and Pécs to Veszprém.

The priority is to foster trust and openness to science, scientific results and innovation in society. To this end, the third sub-programme of the call contributes to the production of 33 media materials. The diverse themes range from 3D technology, the impact of medicinal plants, the sustainable development of the global energy system and the medieval architecture of the Order of St Paul, among others.

The fourth sub-programme of the call for proposals will enable the publication of 91 traditional paper publications and, at the same time, open access electronic publications. The range includes educational publications for the general public, historical monographs, medical books and university textbooks. The full decision list is available on the website of the NRDI Office.

Tamás Schanda said: ”In 2020, Hungary has spent record amounts on research, development and innovation. The amount of public expenditure has nearly doubled since 2010. The government cannot be accused of being stingy when it comes to funding programmes. We have increased the original budget of HUF 1 billion for the Science Patronage call, which attracted outstanding interest from the beginning, by more than two thirds, in recognition of the high professional standards.” The deputy minister added that the tried and tested scheme will be open again next summer.

Budapest, 06 December 2021
Ministry for Innovation and Technology

Updated: 13 December 2021
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