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International cooperation against COVID-19 on Israel's initiative
09 October 2020
Modified: 12 October 2020
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An online international conference on ministerial level was organised, where the representatives of 18 countries signed the letter of intent entitled “Global Efforts in Fighting the Coronavirus from Research to Practice”. The event was held simultaneously in the cyberspace and in Jerusalem on 15 September 2020 at the initiative of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space of Israel.

In his speech opening the conference, Science Minister Izhar Shay of Israel presented the Ministry’s COVID-19-related funding schemes and invited the attendants to share their research results. In his speech, the Hungarian delegate, Deputy State Secretary Tibor Gulyás of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology told of a HUF 3 billion contribution allocated by the Hungarian government to COVID-19-related research activities and of 24 RDI projects funded from the National RDI Fund and pointed out the successful and close cooperation between universities, research institutes and industrial partners.

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Updated: 12 October 2020
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