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Let us define the development priorities of the Hungarian economy together!
16 December 2019
Last modified: 02 January 2020
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A major planning task related to the 2021-2027 EU programming cycle is the planning of the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) Drawing up the document and implementing its content are preconditions for eligibility for EU funds in the new programming cycle.

The objective of the S3 planning is to identify strengths, the areas with the highest development potential, which could serve as the basis for defining S3 priorities. Just like in the previous programming period, compliance with S3 priorities will continue to be an expected outcome in future calls for proposals.

Priorities of the previous S3 identified the directions of development essentially at a sectoral level. A fundamental difference in the new programming period is that S3 priorities need to be much more inter-sectoral in nature, corresponding to the biggest social-economic-environmental challenges.

EDP (Entrepreneurial Discovery Process) is a key element in planning S3 priorities, it aims to involve the broadest possible range of entrepreneurs, universities, research institutes and other actors of society in planning, in the form of a bottom-up process. One of the most important stages of this process is completing the online questionnaire prepared by the NRDI Office.

Please, contribute to increasing the social embeddedness of the S3 planning process by completing the below questionnaire: (in Hungarian)

Completing the questionnaire will take approximately 8-10 minutes and is voluntary. Each completed questionnaire will be processed individually, responses given will by used by the Office exclusively in an anonymous way and will not be disclosed to any third party.

Technical remark concerning the completion of the questionnaire:

You can suspend work and continue at a later point in time suitable for you. Should you wish to suspend work and continue later, please, click on „Mentés és később folytatás” at the bottom of the questionnaire. You can click on „Véglegesítés és beküldés” at the bottom of the last page to complete and submit the questionnaire.

Should you have any question concerning the questionnaire, do not hesitate to contact the Customer service/Ügyfélszolgálat of the Office at 06 1 795-9500 (Mo-Thursday 09-16 h, Fri: 09-12 h), or email to
On request, we will return your call on the following working day at the latest.

Thank you for helping us by completing the questionnaire!

Updated: 02 January 2020
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