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This year’s OTKA calls attract enormous interest
19 March 2021
Modified: 25 March 2021
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Project proposals from researchers and research groups total four times the available OTKA funds of HUF 13 billion. Postdoc and young researcher schemes showed the most impressive gain in popularity: the total number of applicants have increased by one and half in three years. Over 50 basic research projects propose to address COVID-19 related challenges and mitigate their impact – József Bódis, state secretary for higher education, innovation and vocational training of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology announced.

Basic research is an essential part of research and development, it is both fundamental and complementary to the support of innovation, and industrial, economic and social competitiveness. It is a common goal to create a transparent, fair and professionally sound funding system for talented researchers in Hungary.

The National Research, Development and Innovation Office announced the OTKA basic research calls for 2021 last December. The five new sub-programmes for individual researchers and research groups follow the categories of previous years: postdoctoral and young researcher excellence programmes, researcher-initiated research projects, and thematic research projects implemented in international Hungarian–Austrian or Hungarian–Slovenian cooperation. The use of funds and accounting for funds have become even more flexible, and the administrative burden on applicants have been reduced. The primary objective of the new arrangements is to enable beneficiaries to use their resources more effectively for project implementation.

The total budget of OTKA calls reaches HUF 12.9 billion this year, an increase of HUF 1.5 billion from 2020 and HUF 3.1 billion from 2019. Altogether 1342 project proposals have been submitted, evenly distributed across scientific fields. Funding requests exceeded available funds almost four times. “It is clear from the proposals that basic research plays a crucial role in the fight against the coronavirus. Based on the project plans, around 50 projects would seek to find scientific answers to the challenges of the pandemic. They cover a broad spectrum of scientific areas, and not only medical sciences, but also law, economics, information technology, psychology, sociology, agricultural sciences and natural science,” József Bódis pointed out.

The proposals are assessed in a multi-stage process against strict professional criteria, involving peer reviewers and review panels. The evaluation is backed by thematically relevant, age-adjusted scientometrics calculated at The indicators reflecting individual researchers’ productivity and citation impact are based on the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography, the most important database of Hungarian scientific publications. Publication performance is very important in OTKA calls as it ensures that the research results from projects funded from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund become visible to both the international scientific community and the general public.

Budapest, 19 March 2021

Ministry of Innovation and Technology

Updated: 25 March 2021
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