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New call for proposals to foster bilateral science and technology (S&T) relations
15 April 2019
Modified: 15 April 2019
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This year again, the NRDI Office announces a call for proposal to foster bilateral science and technology (S&T) cooperation. As a new feature of the call, Hungarian researchers will be able to launch scientific cooperation not only in relations explicitly specified (namely France and Austria in this year’s call) but also with partner institutions of any European and non-European countries, if the proposal meets high professional standards and the commitment and willingness of the hosting institution is verified.

The S&T call provides funding for the mobility of participants and exchange of expertise in order to foster internationalisation, joint publications and scientific achievements. Eligible applicants are independent enterprises, non-profit companies and budgetary organs. Awarded funding may cover travel costs of Hungarian participants as well as costs of visits to international conferences and dissemination of achievements. The call consists of two sub-programmes:

  • In the French and Austrian relations, cooperating partners elaborate a joint project for the call announced by the NRDI Office and the financing agency of the destination country. The proposal should be submitted to the NRDI Office by the Hungarian party and, at the same time, to the financing agency of their own country by their foreign partner.
  • In other European and non-European relations, proposals should be submitted unilaterally to the NRDI Office by the Hungarian party, in possession of a hosting statement from the partner institution.  

Applicants may apply for funding of HUF 2 million in European collaborations, or HUF 5 million outside Europe, for a project period of 24 months. In the French and Austrian relations, bilateral Joint Committees will propose funding decisions, while in other relations funded projects will be selected through an assessment process by the NRDI Office. Submission deadlines for the assessment periods are 12 June and 26 September 2019, but proposals in the French and Austrian relations should be submitted by the first entry deadline only.

More about the call: Call for project proposals implemented in bilateral science and technology (S&T) cooperation (2019-2.1.11-TÉT)

Updated: 15 April 2019
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