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FAQ on the Electronic Portal of Proposals
29 May 2018
Modified: 03 June 2018
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How to submit my proposal? 

The manner of submission is always determined by the given call. Proposals to the NRDI Office’s calls can usually be submitted by completing and sending an online application form, but application portals to be used vary by call.

Discovery research and postdoctoral calls (also known as calls for thematic research projects) accept proposals through the Electronic Portal of Proposals (EPR), while other (usually innovation-related) calls can be managed by logging into the Electronic Portal for Application, Information and Communication (EPTK) accessible through the participant portal. 

Detailed information on submission and the guidelines for using the online application forms are always included in the call documentation and are also available on the interface of the online forms.


Where to access the online application forms?

Proposals for discovery research and postdoctoral calls can be submitted through the EPR system:

Information on registration and login can be found on the NRDI Office’s website: Electronic Portal of Proposals (EPR)

Proposals to innovation calls can be submitted through the EPTK system available here:

After registering and logging in the system you will see detailed information on how to use the portal.

Applicable links to the online application forms are always provided along with the call notices.


How to select the appropriate call in the online application platforms?


Log in and click “Create new proposal” option within the “Own research projects” drop-down menu, then select the relevant call in the drop-down list of “Type”.


Log in and click “My funding options” in the main menu to display all open calls available through the EPTK system. Click “Search” to filter the list and find the call relevant to you. An easy way to filter search results is entering the code of the call (e.g. TÉT, VKE, NKP) in the “Code” field. Click on the relevant call within the results to start completing your application.


What to do if the system logged me out?

If you are logged out from the online application form without prior warning, you can follow these steps:

  • As the online portals communicate with remote servers, they are exposed to unexpected errors due to network events, such as service outage or network overload. If this happens, simply log in the portal again and continue the completion of the form.
  • If you are unable to log in for a longer period of time due to any access problem, please advise the NRDI Office Customer Services, preferably by email with an attached screenshot of the error.

As typing in the online text fields are not detected by the system as user activity, you are advised to regularly save while typing or type longer texts in a word processor and then copy-paste it to the relevant field of the online application form.


In case of questions, how to find technical support?

For technical support with the online application forms please contact the NRDI Office Customer Services in opening hours by phone or email.

Please send your question or comment on any error or odd system behaviour by email with an attached screenshot about the relevant problem to the NRDI Office Customer Services, preferably providing your phone number so that our colleagues can reach you with quick and effective assistance as necessary.  


What if my submitted proposal gets no reply?

The online application forms send a system message about all major application events (submission, notice of deficiency, decision etc.) to the applicant at the email address of the contact person(s) indicated in the proposal. If you are a contact person but do not receive such system messages, you should first see the spam folder of your inbox and check whether the email address provided on the application data sheet is correct.

Failure to receive any notification due to the above mentioned reasons is regarded as the applicant’s fault and may result in the rejection of the proposal (e.g. for non-compliance with a notice of deficiency). Therefore, please pay utmost attention to providing correct email address as a contact when submitting your proposal.

Updated: 03 June 2018
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