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The government set up a Horizon Europe guarantee fund to support the participation of Hungarian universities operated by public interest trust foundations in Horizon Europe projects
21 March 2023
Modified: 21 March 2023
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Hungarian higher education institutions operated by public interest trust foundations established under Hungarian Act IX of 2021 are still able to apply to the Horizon Europe research programme and participate in the implementation of the winning projects.

The concerned universities can join winning consortia as associate members and carry out the R&D tasks they are assigned in the consortium, but the costs incurred are not yet funded by Horizon Europe, due to a discriminatory decision by the European Commission in December.

The Government has therefore decided to provide funding for the research projects of the model-changing universities operated by public interest trust foundations participating in winning Horizon Europe consortia. Without immediate help from the Government, the universities concerned would not be able to stay in the projects, given that several deadlines for commitments expire in May.

The government will provide funding through the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund, in the total amount of HUF 5 billion in the first round.

The KEKVA (public trust funds performing a public function) institutions affected can submit their applications for funding in a simplified and accelerated procedure through the NRDI Office’s individual support system ( The amount of funding available is equal to the amount of the university’s requested EU contribution to the winning Horizon Europe project. The NRDI Office will provide a 100% advance when disbursing the grant. Once the application has been submitted, the NRDI Office will immediately take the necessary administrative steps towards concluding the grant contract. Should you have any questions regarding the submission of grant applications, please contact Réka Csőke of the NRDI Office (email:, before finalising your application via, please contact the designated staff member.

Even if they join the Horizon Europe project as an associated partner in the implementation of the awarded grant, higher education institutions concerned are also advised to reserve the right to participate in the consortium as a full beneficiary, should the adverse provisions of Council Decision 2022/2506 (EU) no longer apply to the given higher education institutions.

Updated: 21 March 2023
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