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Scientific fields and evaluation panels
28 May 2024
Modified: 28 May 2024
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The Research Council of Hungary involves the following 14 evaluation panels to make its funding recommendation on the submitted grant proposals.

Physics (PHYSICS)
Material science and technology (physics); Astronomy; Physics; Solid-state physics; Biophysics; Particle physics; Nuclear physics; Astrophysics

Chemistry (CHEM)
Analytical chemistry; Inorganic chemistry; Structural determination methods; Physical chemistry and theoretical chemistry; Material science and technology (chemistry); Colloid chemistry; Radiology; Macromolecular chemistry and materials science (organic chemistry); Organic, biomolecular and pharmaceutial chemistry; Biochemistry and food chemistry; Chemical engineering; Technology of organic chemistry and pharmaceutical technology; Biological applications of chemistry

Mathematics, Computing Sciences, Informatics (MATHINF)
Mathematics; Operational research; Computing science; Information technology

Electrical Engineering, Metallurgy, Architecture, Transport Sciences (ENGSCI)
Transport science; Technical mechanics; Water management; History and theory of architecture; Architecture; Material science and technology (engineering and metallurgy); Power engineering; Mechanics; Metallurgy; Fibre technology; Flow and thermal technology; Material science and technology (electronics); Automation and computer science; Electronic devices and technologies; Electro-technology; Telecommunications

Physiology, Pharmacology, Neuroscience (PHYSNEU)
Organ physiology; Pathophysiology; Comparative physiology; Endocrinology; Metabolism; Ageing; Cardiovascular system; Experimental pharmacology, drug discovery and design; Neuroanatomy; Neurophysiology; Molecular and cellular neuroscience; Neurochemistry; Neuropharmacology; Sensory systems; Mechanisms of pain; Developmental neurobiology; Cognitive neurosciences; Behavioural neuroscience; Systems neuroscience; Neuroimaging and computational neuroscience; Biological basis of neurological and psychiatric diseases

Oncology and Clinical Medicine (ONCLIN)
Aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of disease (all organs); Obstetrics/gynecology, reproductive medicine; Pediatrics, perinatology; Surgery, transplantation; Clinical pharmacology, gene therapy, cell therapy, regenerative medicine; Sport medicine, rehabilitation; Public health, health services, environmental and occupational medicine, epidemiology, medical ethics; Applied medical technology, radiology, nuclear medicine and imaging, radiation therapy; Cancer and its biological basis; Tumorigenesis; Oncology; Clinical neurology

Molecular and Structural Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics (MOLGEN)
Molecular synthesis, modification and interaction; Biochemistry; Biophysics; Structural biology; Metabolism; Molecular mechanisms of signal transmission; Molecular genetics; Epigenetics and gene regulation; Quantitative genetics; Population genetics; Genetic epidemiology; Genomics, comparative genomics, functional genomics; Transcriptomics; Proteomics; Glycomics; Metabolomics; Bioinformatics; Computational biology; Biostatistics; Biological modeling and simulation; Systems biology

Cell and Developmental Biology, Immunology, Microbiology (CELLDIMM)
Morphology and functional imaging of cells; Cell biology; Molecular transport mechanisms; Cell cycle and division; Apoptosis; Cell differentiation, physiology and dynamics; Cell signalling and cellular interactions; Organelle biology; Signal transduction; Organogenesis; Development, developmental genetics, pattern formation and embryology; Cell genetics; Stem cell biology; Immunobiology; Immune system; Diseases of the immune system; Pathogens and infectious diseases; Microbiology, virology, bacteriology, parasitology, mycology

Ecology and Evolution (ECOEVO)
Population biology; Phylogenetics; Systematics; Taxonomy; Conservation biology; Hydrobiology; Applied ecology; Environmental biology; Community ecology; Evolutionary ecology; Biogeography; Ethology; Behavioural ecology; Theoretical biology

Agricultural Sciences (AGRISCI)
Soil sciences; Forestry; Plant pathology; Plant stress biology; Applied zoology; Agrochemistry; Agrometeorology; Agricultural engineering; Biological background of plant and animal breeding; Veterinary sciences; Molecular biological, physiological and genomic studies of economically important species

Earth and Spatial Sciences (EARTHSCI)
Geology; Geophysics; Geochemistry; Sedimentology; Paleontology; History of Earth; Mining; Physical geography; Geodesy; Geoinformatics; Meteorology; Cartography; Regional studies; Social geography; Settlement science

Arts and Humanities (ARTHUM)
Literature; Library studies; Theatre and film studies; Philosophy; Art history; Cultural anthropology; Ethnography; Religious studies/theology; Musicology; Linguistics; Archeology; History

Economics, Law and Political Sciences (ECOLPOL)
Economics; Business and management; Law and government sciences; Political science; Military science

Social Sciences, Psychology, Education (SOCPSYED)
Sociology; Demography; Psychology; Education

Updated: 28 May 2024
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