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Innovation Board
28 February 2018
Modified: 20 July 2018
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Pursuant to Act LXXVI of 2014 on scientific research, development and innovation, certain public duties of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office – such as drawing up the general concept of research and development programmes and calls, the evaluation of submitted project proposals and project reports – are carried out with the contribution of the Innovation Board.

The Innovation Board has an outstanding role in elaborating research, development and innovation policies and RDI strategy based on the national economic strategy, as well as in selecting members of the expert panels to evaluate project proposals submitted to competitive calls. Further significant mission of the Board is to promote programmes facilitating value-creating use of available RDI resources that contributes to increasing the competitiveness of Hungarian economy and the well-being of Hungarian society.

The chairman and the members of the Innovation Board are prominent persons of the Hungarian economic and scientific community invited by the President of the NRDI Office.

For further information on the chairman and the members of the Board click on the images.

Updated: 20 July 2018
Chairman of the Innovation Board
Electrical and economic engineer, economist,
Honorary President, Hungarian Association for Innovation
Managing Director, OT Industries Asset Utilization LLC
Dr. Pakucs János - Innovációs Testület, elnök

Co-chairman of the Innovation Board
chemical engineer, PhD in chemical sciences,

Research Director Gedeon Richter Plc.
Dr. Greiner István - Innovációs Testület, tag