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Information on RDI policy opinions issued for project proposals in competitive funding programmes (2021-2027 period)
23 July 2021
Modified: 25 February 2022
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The use of national and EU funds for research, development and innovation is based on the development of a strategically sound innovation environment that serves social policy objectives, creates value and effectively strengthens long-term competitiveness.

In order to achieve the above objectives in a competitive funding system, and to encourage not only the regular but also the appropriate, coordinated and transparent use of RDI resources, the calls for proposals for the period 2021-2027, established under a separate agreement with the Managing Authority of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme Plus (GINOP Plus), require the endorsing opinion of the NRDI Office from a governmental RDI policy perspective (hereinafter referred to as the “RDI policy opinion”), as follows. The requirement to obtain an endorsing RDI policy opinion is set out in the call for proposals announced by the Managing Authority.

According to Annex 2 of Government Decree 256/2021 (V. 18.) on the rules for the use of certain EU funds in the programming period 2021-2027, the Ministry for Innovation and Technology is responsible from an RDI policy perspective for GINOP Plus priority 2 (research, development and innovation).


Applicants may only request RDI policy opinions on the eligibility of their project proposals through the electronic form available on the NRDI Office’s website (hereinafter: request). The request form can only be edited after registration on the website – and clicking on the link in the confirmation email. Each page of the request form can be finalised once the applicant has completed all the mandatory fields and attached the necessary annexes as specified in the “Policy Qualification Conditions”. Only finalised forms are considered as successfully submitted requests. Finalised requests are assessed and notices of deficiency are sent out on the basis of the submitted data, so requests may not be completed. Before completing the request form, please refer to and carefully read the Guide for completing request forms for GINOP Plus calls. The instructions for filling in the forms are available at


In the call for proposals “GINOP PLUS-2.1.1-21 - Stimulating business research, development and innovation”, requests may be submitted:
For two weeks after the announcement of the call.

Schedule for assessment of the submitted requests:
The NRDI Office will decide on the eligibility of requests for an RDI policy opinion within 2 months of the deadline for submission of such requests.


The technical content of project proposals is assessed with the involvement of experts acting within the competence of the NRDI Office. Requests received electronically by the NRDI Office are allocated to professional reviewers.

The detailed rules of the procedure for issuing an RDI policy opinion are laid down in Presidential Instruction No 6/2021 on the rules of procedure of adopting a governmental research, development and innovation policy opinion by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (hereinafter Presidential Instruction No 6/2021).

The criteria for the adoption of the RDI policy opinion are set out in a document entitled “Policy Qualification Conditions”, which is published on the NRDI Office’s official website at the time of the announcement of the call for proposals, in line with the purpose of the call.

The Policy Qualification Criteria for the adoption of an RDI policy opinion to be issued to applicants participating in the call “GINOP PLUS-2.1.1-21 - Stimulating business research, development and innovation activities”, which details the evaluation criteria applied by the peer reviewers, can be downloaded here:
Policy Qualification Conditions - in Hungarian PDF (293 KB)


In the NRDI Office’s procedure, the NRDI Office’s expert panel examines the requests for opinions on the basis of the related peer review opinions and makes recommendations on their policy eligibility from a government research, development and innovation perspective.

The expert panel classifies requests into one of the following categories:

  1. endorsing RDI policy opinion,
  2. negative RDI policy opinion.

If specified in the Policy Qualification Conditions published together with the call notice, an endorsing RDI policy opinion may also be proposed on a reserve list.

No objection may be lodged against a policy opinion issued by the NRDI Office or against a notification of an incomplete request for an opinion, but a revised request for a policy opinion on the project proposal may be resubmitted for the next evaluation round, in accordance with the criteria set out by the NRDI Office in the negative opinion or notification.

A complaint may be lodged with the NRDI Office within 10 days of receipt of a negative opinion or notification if the procedure for issuing a policy opinion is in breach of the provisions of the law, the Policy Qualification Conditions or Presidential Instruction 6/2021.

Please note that the NRDI Office’s endorsing RDI policy opinion is no guarantee for a positive funding decision.

In the case of the relevant calls, project proposals may only be submitted to the GINOP PLUS Managing Authority if they have the NRDI Office’s endorsing RDI policy opinion, however, it is recommended that applicants start completing the electronic application form with the data of the project proposal parallel to requesting the RDI policy opinion. After the official receipt of the RDI policy opinion, the application form can be finalised and submitted to the Managing Authority in the manner set out in the call notice.

Further information:

GINOP PLUS Managing Authority (Ministry of Finance)


Phone: NRDI Office Customer Service: +36 (1) 795 9500

Updated: 25 February 2022
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