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Development goals of innovation development
Development goals of innovation development
07 March 2018
Modified: 22 May 2018
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RDI calls for proposals stimulate

  • the implementation of conceptual RDI project proposals,
  • the harmonisation of applicants’ targets with strategic development directions of the institutions,
  • the preparation of prudent budget plans to ensure the efficient and sustainable utilisation of RDI funds.

Calls for researcher-initiated projects
Funding discovery research projects without thematic priorities

  • supporting basic research projects initiated by researchers to achieve a better understanding of natural and social phenomena, which are expected to lead to new methods and practices.
  • strengthening scientific excellence centres through a system of post-doctoral incentives

Research infrastructure development
Providing cutting-edge tools and equipment for Hungarian research centres

  • strengthening the RDI capacities of state-run knowledge centres of strategic importance
  • network based development of research infrastructures by supplementing regional research opportunities and leveraging existing infrastructures

Corporate/Business RDI
Stimulation of large enterprises, SMEs and innovative start-ups to achieve their RDI objectives

  • development of new marketable products, services, technologies of intellectual added value
  • prototype development
  • industrial property rights
  • procurement of RDI services
  • establishment of start-up incubators

Knowledge transfer
Supporting the commercialisation of scientific achievements

  • cooperation to solve complex multi-disciplinary tasks of strategic importance
  • ensuring research background for industrial development projects based on existing market demand, implementation of joint programmes in cooperation with excellent research centres in the respective field
  • development of domestic research infrastructure and RDI capacities in the form of higher education and industry cooperation centres to create competitive products and services

International cooperation
Improving SME’s competitiveness and their ability to access international financing

  • joining co-financed international cooperation programmes
  • facilitating consortium building activities
  • supporting bilateral Science and Technology (S&T) cooperation, primarily through calls promoting project-based programmes
Updated: 22 May 2018
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