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Support to Hungarian participation in the EUREKA programme (EUREKA_16)
Date of publication of the call: 30 August 2016
Final deadline for submission: 31 March 2017

The Call published by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office aims to support the participation of Hungarian institutions in the international collaborative EUREKA projects by providing the necessary Hungarian funds.

Purpose of the Call for Proposals

The purpose of this scheme is to foster the participation of Hungarian undertakings in the EUREKA programme, which facilitates the international R&D cooperation of undertakings, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, and thereby:

  • to increase the marketability of Hungarian enterprises,
  • to strengthen Hungarian participation on an international level, 
  • to foster the R&D cooperation between research and the business world by supporting close-to-the-market projects, whereby prototypes or new products, technologies or services are developed,
  • to promote the Hungarian utilisation of participation in international R&D projects.

Who can apply

Only those applicants are eligible to submit Hungarian applications that are listed as partners/consortium leaders in the English language EUREKA project proposal or approved project submitted by an international consortium into the database of the EUREKA Secretariat or the EUREKA cluster register. This fact shall be evidenced by the Hungarian EUREKA National Project Coordinator. The Hungarian partners participating in the same international EUREKA project shall apply for the Hungarian funding by forming a consortium.

The following entities are eligible to submit applications:

  • business associations seated in Hungary or the Hungarian branches of undertakings having a seat in an EEA country 
  • non-profit organisations, budgetary organisations or their institutions without legal personality that are not performing any market influencing activities.

Eligible activities

The following activities are eligible for funding under the projects implemented within the framework of the call for proposals of the EUREKA programme:

  • Eligible for individual funding: research and development.
  • Not eligible for individual funding on project level: applied research, activities related to the communication, coordination, market access, industrial property rights of the project, activities related to participation in conferences, general costs (overhead expenses).

It is a precondition that the applications filed until 28 October 2016 shall obtain the EUREKA label until 15 March 2017, whereas the applications filed until 31 March 2017 shall obtain the said label until 15 July 2017. Applications not obtaining the label within the respective time limit will be rejected.

Available funds

In order to achieve the objectives of the call, the NRDI Office provides a support of HUF 400 million to the successful applicants from the NRDI Fund. Under these calls, non-refundable support can be requested in the amount of minimum HUF 20 million and of maximum HUF 70 million.

Deadline for submission

Submission of applications is continuous from the date of the publication of the application completion template. Applications submitted by the respective evaluation deadline will be evaluated jointly. Support will be awarded within the limits of the available budget.  

Evaluation deadlines:

  • 28 October 2016
  • 31 March 2017
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