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Support for Hungarian participation in the EUREKA programme
Date of announcement: 29 april 2022
Next deadline for submission:
Deadline for E-submission: 27 october 2022 16:00
27 may 2022
Deadline for application via post office:
Further deadlines for submission:
30 june 2022, 30 september 2022, 27 october 2022
Submitter of proposal
Beneficiary groups
Institution of higher education, Other budgetary research institution, Other budgetary institution (outside education or research), Enterprise-based research organisation, Enterprise (non-research type), Non-profit research organisation, Other non-profit organisation (outside research), Institution of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network (ELKH)
HUF 500 000 000
Number of applications
Funds available per project
HUF 20-70 M
Project duration
max. 36 months
Field of research activity
Industrial research, Experimental development, Protection of industrial property rights, Market entry
Evaluator of proposals
NRDI Office
The goal of the call to be financed from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund is to support Hungarian participation in the EUREKA programme set up to facilitate the involvement of entrepreneurs – in particular small- and medium-sized enterprises – in international research and development cooperation and through this programme:

  • to increase the marketability of Hungarian businesses,
  • enhance Hungarian participation at the international level;
  • stimulate R&D cooperation between researchers and businesses by supporting innovative near-market projects resulting in the development of a prototype, new product, technology or service;
  • promote the domestic utilisation of participation in international R&D projects.

Submission of project proposals

Project proposals should be submitted online, by logging in and completing the online application form on the Participant Portal (Pályázati e-ügyintézés) at The finalised application form must be submitted together with a duly signed (certified) statement verifying the electronic submission of the application, in line with the Application Guidelines.

Applications are accepted electronically from the official opening of the online application form until the following dates:

  • 27 May 2022
  • 30 June 2022 Only for Hungarian applicants participating in the Danube 2022 Central Europe Call.
  • 30 September 2022 Only for Hungarian applicants participating in the Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call.
  • 27 October 2022 16:00

Eligible applicants

The domestic call is only open to the partners/consortium leaders of EUREKA project proposals or approved projects submitted in English by the international consortium and entered into the database of the EUREKA Secretariat or the register of the EUREKA clusters, and approved by the Hungarian EUREKA National Project Coordinator. Hungarian partners participating in the same international EUREKA project shall apply for the Hungarian funding by forming a consortium.
Legal entities with registered seat in Hungary or with registered seat in the European Economic Area and a branch office in Hungary may apply as specified below:

  • business companies, non-profit companies and other economic organisations specified in the call, provided that they have at least one completed business years, maintain double-entry accounting and are not subject to the small taxpayers’ itemized lump sum tax (KATA) 
  • denominational or private higher education institutions accredited by the state, qualifying as research and knowledge-dissemination organisations under Article 2 (83) of Council Regulation 651/2014/EU
  • budgetary organs and budgetary entities, qualifying as research and knowledge-dissemination organisations under Article 2 (83) of Council Regulation 651/2014/EU.

Eligible project objectives

  • activities eligible for individual funding: applied (industrial) research, experimental development
  • activities not eligible for individual funding: activities related to the publicity, coordination, market access, intellectual property rights, travelling, and the purchase of tangible and intangible assets

The budget

  • The budget for the general EUREKA is HUF 500 million

Maximum funding per application

  • For general EUREKA the maximum amount of funding per project: HUF 20 to 70 million

Customer service contacts:
phone: +36 (1) 795 9500

Personal appointments (pree-booked only): H-1077 Budapest, Kéthly Anna sq. 1. (2nd floor)

Customer Service hours of operation: Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m to 4 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 12.00 a.m.

To ensure value-based professional evaluation of proposals arriving in large quantities from the fields of discovery and applied research and innovation, to assess professional reports of funded projects and to prepare policy opinions, the NRDI Office intends to expand its expert pool in all fields of expertise.

Professionals who have registered in the database of the NRDI Office can become responsible contributors, as independent peer-reviewers, to the evaluation process in which the professional quality, novelty content and commercialisation perspectives of the proposals as compared to the requested funding should be assessed as core considerations.

The registration process can be initiated through the registration form of the NRDI Office’s website. Registration is continuously open.

Requested data within the expert registration form include:

  • personal data, contact details (necessary for contracting review assignments);
  • classification of professional skills and competencies and research areas (to get review invitations fine-tuned to your field of expertise);
  • topics of the previously reviewed proposals;
  • present and past jobs, interest networks (in order to pre-screening of conflicts of interest in a given rview assignment), education, scientific titles, most important publications and intellectual works demonstrating your professional experience;
  • language skills.

Professionals once registered in the database of experts may be invited by the NRDI Office to review submitted proposals, to assess professional reports of funded projects and to contribute to policy opinions.

Each proposal is reviewed by several independent experts at the same time. Experts selected from the database to review proposals, to assess professional reports and facilitate expert opinions will be contracted by the NRDI Office on a case-by-case basis. When concluding such a contract experts must declare that the review assignment is not obstructed by any conflict of interest whatsoever. Depending on the competition type, written expert reviews must be prepared in 15-28 work days and submitted electronically via the online review portal of the NRDI Office.


For further information contact at phone +36 1 795 9500 or email at

The timing and the budget of the RDI funding schemes of the EU-financed operational programme (Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme Plus - EDIOP Plus) has been approved by the Government within the Annual Development Plan (ADP), upon the proposal of the NRDI Office.

The 2021 calls for domestic RDI proposals financed from the NRDI Fund are set out in the annual Programme Strategy adopted by the Government.
(Government Decree 1077/2021. (II. 27.):

The table below shows the calls announced for the period 2021-2027 and their amounts, broken down by year.

2021 (Bn HUF)

Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme Plusz
136,670 -
National Research, Development and Innovation Fund
ITM Ministry for Innovation and Technology 11 -
RRF Recovery and Resilience Facility 151,621 -
481,583 -

NRF= non-refundable
RF= refundable

Calls for proposals
(Bn HUF)



Support of business RDI activities
Stimulating business research, development and innovation
GINOP Plusz-2.1.2-21
136,67 -
Energetics Calls The implementation of developments for the recovery, storage or market-based use of waste heat through innovative storage or conversion technologies
5 -
The implementation of developments promoting innovative electrochemical storage of surplus carbon-free electricity
6 -
Recovery and Resilience Facility Infrastructure and skills development for practice-oriented higher education
79,956 -
Establishment and complex development of the National Laboratory
71,665 -
Innovation Sub-fund
Support for market-driven RDI projects Support for market-driven RDI projects
2020-1.1.2-PIACI KFI
50 -
KKV Start programme KKV Start Innovation 8 -
Fast track programme Fast track
2 -
Intellectual property Support of activities fostering the domestic and international protection of intellectual property with the aim of facilitating the utilisation of such intellectual property
0,4 -
University Innovation Ecosystema
University Innovation Ecosystem
2019-1.2.1-EGYETEMI ÖKO
2 -
International programmes 2021-1.2.2-EU_KKV (100 M HUF); 2020-1.2.3-EUREKA (1,4 Bn HUF); 2019-2.1.7-ERA-NET (~1,7 Bn HUF); 2019-2.1.3-NEMZ_ECSEL (350 M HUF); 2019-2.1.2-NEMZ (453 M HUF); 2020-1.2.1-GYAK (50 M HUF); 2021-1.2.1-EIT-KIC (500 M HUF); 2021-1.2.4-TÉT (200 M HUF); 2021-1.2.5-TÉT-IPARI-RU (160 M HUF) 4,5 -
Market entry
Market entry 1 -
Investment in the future Fund Investment in the future
7 -
Alkalmazott kutatói hálózat fejlesztése Participation in the National Network of Applied Research Institutes
1,63 -
Research Sub-fund

Thematic Excellence Programme 2021 Thematic Excellence Programme
75 -
New National Excellence Programme New National Excellence Programme – Call for Research Scholarship Applications for Undergraduate Students
0,60 -
New National Excellence Programme – Call for Research Scholarship Applications for Graduate Students
New National Excellence Programme – Call for Research Scholarship Applications for PhD Students
1 -
New National Excellence Programme – “Power Up Science!” Call for Research Scholarship Applications for Doctoral Candidate sand Postdoctors
0,832 -
New National Excellence Programme – Call for Scholarship Applications for Bolyai+ Higher Education Teachers and Researchers
1,40 -
New National Excellence Programme – “Power up your Talent!” Call for Research Scholarship Applications for New Higher Education Students
0,168 -
Postdoctoral and Young researchers’ excellence programme and Call for thematic research projects Postdoctoral and Young researchers’ excellence programme and Call for thematic research projects (OTKA)
PD_21, FK_21, K_21, ANN_21, SNN_21
13 -
Patronage Programme Science Patronage Programme
1 -
Funding for research groups with achievements of internationally outstanding impact Funding for research groups with achievements of internationally outstanding impact
1 -
Forefront – Research Excellence Programme Forefront – Research Excellence Programme
3 -
Cooperative Doctoral Programme Cooperative Doctoral Programme
8,762 -
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