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National support for Horizon 2020 SME Instrument applications (2018-2.1.4-KKV), funded projects
10 December 2018
Modified: 11 December 2018
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The 2018-2.1.4-KKV call aims to support micro, small and medium enterprises which were positively assessed by the international expert panel but were finally not selected for funding in the first stage of the EU H2020 SME Instrument call due to lack of funds.

The non-refundable funding of the call financed from the NRDI Fund may be used for preparing the business plan and feasibility study for the product idea which can contribute to the successful participation in the second stage of the H2020 call.

Until the submission deadline 28 September 2018, 3 proposals were submitted with a total funding request of HUF 12 million. The assessment was performed by an international panel of experts against the international assessment criteria of the given programme. Based on the assessment results and ranking, the Innovation Board recommended 2 project proposals for funding to the President of the NRDI Office.

This current funding decision allocates 8%, i.e HUF 8 million of the total available budget of the call.


Funding organisation: NRDI Office
Source: NRDI Fund
Date of decision: 5 December 2018

Project code
Name of applicant
Project title
Site of implementation
Amount of awarded funds

Total eligible project costs

Phial Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Feleősségű Társaság
Másolat - Plasmanorg - Környezetbarát szerves kémiai szintézis plazma reaktorban
2132 Göd, Szeder utca 8.
4 000 000
4 000 000
Continental Wood Faipari Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Korlátolt felelősségű társaság
Speciális tulajdonságú reciklált papírtermékek kereskedelmi célú felhasználásának megvalósíthatósági tanulmánya
1042 Budapest, István út 33.
4 000 000
4 000 000
Updated: 11 December 2018
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