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“OTKA” postdoctoral excellence programme (PD_19)
22 November 2019
Modified: 22 November 2019
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From the “OTKA” postdoctoral excellence programme (PD_19), with a total budget of HUF 1.27 billion, 52 researchers won a three-year scholarship.

The scheme proportionally fits in the domestic portfolio of competitive calls and aims to co-finance the employment costs of researchers, who have recently obtained their doctoral degree, thus helping them to stay in the research sector and build their career by joining a research group and cooperating with experienced researchers..

Of the proposals submitted for the “OTKA” postdoctoral excellence programme, accepting the recommendation of the decision preparation bodies, the President of the NRDI Office selected 52 project proposals for funding with the following distribution between fields of science::

Field of science
Number of submitted proposals
Number of funded projects
Total amount claimed
(in HUF thousands)
Total amount awarded
(in HUF thousands)
Council of Humanities and Social Sciences 56 13
1 266 451 306 527
Council of Physical Sciences 69 16 1 701 036 397 616
Council of Complex Environmental Sciences 55 12
1 343 070 290 756
Council of Medical and Biological Sciences 46
11 1 152 229 277 512
Sum 226
52 5 462 786 1 272 411


Funding organisation: NRDI Office
Source: NRDI Fund
Date of decision: 14 November 2019

Evaluation panel
Project code
Principal investigator/Project title/Research organisation
Project period
Amount of awarded funds
(in HUF thousands)
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 131671 Attila Pilinszki: Parenting after divorce (Semmelweis University) 36 22 632
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 132107 Krisztina Czető: Researching school attitudes: theoretical constructs, perspectives and measurement (Eötvös Loránd University) 18 11 021
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 132018 Zsolt Kökényesi: Aristocratic Students in the Jesuit School Network in the Kingdom of Hungary and Transylvania in the 17–18th Centuries (Eötvös Loránd University) 36 23 628
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 131954 Tamás Nagy: The role of emotional arousal in media induced stress recovery (Eötvös Loránd University) 36 25 500
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 132300 Lajos Juhász: Antique Coins East of the Danube (Eötvös Loránd University) 36 24 222
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 132312 Martina Katalin Szabó: A corpus-based computational analysis of Hungarian negative emotive elements from the viewpoint of semantic changes and mental disorders (University of Szeged) 36 24 987
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 132321 Luca Váradi: Prejudice, Social Norms, and Resilience: a new pathway to successful intervention (Eötvös Loránd University) 36 24 542
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 132358 Márton Szilágyi: Interaction, identity and innovation in the Carpathian Basin in the second half of the 5th millennium BC. (Eötvös Loránd University) 36 25 374
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 131650 Judit Balatonyi: The Significance of Marriage and Marriage rituals in Hungary in the 21st Century: Tradition and Change – Global and Local Connections (University of Pécs) 36 23 886
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 131408 Dániel Oross: Democratic Innovations and Hungarian Parties (Center for Social Sciences) 36 24 937
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 131502 László Csató: Axiomatic ranking (Computer and Automation Research Institute) 36 25 500
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 131411 Ferenc Kocsor: Mapping the parallel routes of face perception (University of Pécs) 36 24 798
Postdoctoral proposals - BTTK 132376 Dávid Molnár: The “Hungarian Ovid”, János Filiczki’s poetic oeuvre and intellectual network (Eötvös Loránd University) 36 25 500
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 132258 Gergely Kiss: Discrete Spectral Theory and Its Applications (Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics) 36 25 485
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 132118 Máté Lencsés: Dynamics and entanglement in quantum field theory (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) 36 25 356
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 131848 Eszter Bódis: Novel development of functionally graded bioceramics by spark plasma sintering (Research Center of Natural Sciences) 36 25 356
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 131845 Éva Bajnóczi: Unveiling the correlations of structure and charge-transfer excited state electronic properties in functional model molecules (Wigner Research Centre for Physics) 36 25 434
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 131737 Vera Zsuzsa Dobos: Habitability of exoplanetary systems around ultracool dwarf stars (Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences) 36 25 395
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 131794 Kata Nóra Enyedi: Development and analysis of hybrid hydrogels for a new type of 3D in vitro model (Eötvös Loránd University) 36 25 358
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 131581 Simone Madonna: Neutron-capture elements in planetary nebulae unvealing open questions about AGB stars (Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences) 36 24 201
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 131784 László Zoltán Tóth: Adaptive noise clustering during structural changes (University of Debrecen) 36 23 244
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 132135 Ágnes Rokobné Révész: Observing, understanding, and exploiting collision energy dependence of the fragmentation of N-glycopeptides:  Large-scale studies (Research Center of Natural Sciences) 36 25 500
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 131934 Mónika Furkó: Development and characterization of bioactive and antibacterial trace element doped hydroxyapatite-biopolymer composite coatings (MTA Centre for Energy Research) 36 25 407
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 131543 Beatrix Éva Péter: Biophysics of living cells and cell adhesive coatings exposed to novel compounds (MTA Centre for Energy Research) 36 24 576
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 132403 Attila Takács: Palladium-catalysed aminocarbonylation: a highly effective tool for the selective synthesis of amides of biological importance (University of Pécs) 36 25 362
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 132438 Zoltán Sebestyén: Preparation and characterization of special-use carbon materials from biomass (Research Center of Natural Sciences) 36 25 348
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 132463 Bence Csajbók: Linear Structures and Segre type methods in finite geometry (Office for Research Groups Attached to Universities and Other Institutions) 36 22 126
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 131472 Orsolya Dömötör: Biospeciation of drug candidates studied by the combination of separation and spectroscopic methods (University of Szeged) 36 25 048
Postdoctoral proposals – ÉTTK 131467 Diána Balogh: Nanostructured catalyst systems for sustainable biotransformations (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) 36 24 420
Postdoctoral proposals – KKTK 131589 Gábor Feigl: The two face of nanoparticles: metal-oxide nanoparticle-induced nitro-oxidative stress in crop seedlings and its possible alleviation by nano-silicon seed priming (University of Szeged) 36 24 885
Postdoctoral proposals – KKTK 131625 Gyula Czégény: Multiple role of peroxidase enzymes in plant acclimation to UV (University of Pécs) 36 25 368
Postdoctoral proposals – KKTK 131536 Viktor Karádi: Refinement of the Middle Norian (Upper Triassic) conodont zonation based on faunas from Tethyan successions (Eötvös Loránd University) 36 22 182
Postdoctoral proposals – KKTK 131557 Gábor Botfalvai: Taphonomy of fossil bones and teeth based on rare earth element geochemistry: a tool for determining palaeoecological, biostratigraphical and palaeobiogeographical significances of mixed vertebrate assemblages (Hungarian Natural History M 36 23 952
Postdoctoral proposals – KKTK 132041 Gergely Horváth: Ecological and evolutionary significance of within-individual behavioural variation (Eötvös Loránd University) 36 24 594
Postdoctoral proposals – KKTK 132819 Balázs Iván Vági: Evolutionary transitions in parental care in vertebrates (University of Debrecen) 36 21 300
Postdoctoral proposals – KKTK 132709 Tímea Haszpra: The role of chaotic advection in geoengineering problems (Eötvös Loránd University) 36 23 918
Postdoctoral proposals – KKTK 132495 Beatrix Horváth: The functional analysis of the plant genes involved in the regulation of rhizobium terminal bacteroid differentiation. (National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre) 36 25 394
Postdoctoral proposals – KKTK 131884 Krisztina Bela: Role of GPXL3 in ER-related stress responses (University of Szeged) 33 23 260
Postdoctoral proposals – KKTK 132131 Csaba Tölgyesi: Novel aspects of the ecosystem engineering effects of woody plants (University of Szeged) 36 25 467
Postdoctoral proposals – KKTK 131738 Ádám Egri: Spectral measurement of phototactic responses and electroretinograms of  arthropods, with special regard to the conservation of night-swarming mayflies and pest management. (Centre for Ecological Research) 36 25 395
Postdoctoral proposals – KKTK 131909 Edit Horváth: Relationship between glutathione transferases and the abiotic stress tolerance of tomato (University of Szeged) 36 25 041
Postdoctoral proposals - OBTK 131628 András Iring: The role of purinergic and cannabinoid signaling in the autonomic cardiopulmonary regulation (Institute of Experimental Medicine) 36 25 500
Postdoctoral proposals - OBTK 131637 Ádám Hosszú: Pre-clinical study of the molecular mechanisms and novel treatment options of transplantation-associated hypoxic injury (Semmelweis University) 36 25 434
Postdoctoral proposals - OBTK 131643 Csaba Mihályi: The molecular mechanism of phosphorylation dependent regulation of CFTR (Semmelweis University) 36 25 500
Postdoctoral proposals - OBTK 132851 Éva Ruisanchez: Endothelial dysfunction in the early stage of atherosclerosis: a potential role of autotaxin (Semmelweis University) 36 24 894
Postdoctoral proposals - OBTK 132145 Roland Wirth: Exploration of the core microbiota and functional relationships in anaerobic microbial communities and genome-centric identification of novel bacterial and archaeal species (University of Szeged) 36 24 894
Postdoctoral proposals - OBTK 132387 Eszter Hegyi: Gene-environment interactions in chronic pancreatitis (University of Pécs) 36 24 921
Postdoctoral proposals - OBTK 132652 András Attila Horváth: Effect of epileptic activity on the progression of Alzheimer's disease (National Institute of Neurosurgery) 36 24 688
Postdoctoral proposals - OBTK 131689 Zsolt Dajnoki: Investigation of the role of skin barrier alteration as an adjuvant for the initiation of region-specific inflammatory skin diseases (University of Debrecen) 36 25 443
Postdoctoral proposals - OBTK 132810 Diána Balázsfi: The role of basal forebrain cell types in sustained attention (Institute of Experimental Medicine) 36 25 491
Postdoctoral proposals - OBTK 131839 Eszter Ari: How do 'superbugs' emerge? - A systematic study of the mobility of resistance and virulence genes in human microbiota and pathogenic bacteria (Biological Research Centre Szeged) 36 25 499
Postdoctoral proposals - OBTK 132082 Éva Dóka: The roles of Cys persulfidation in antioxidant protection and regulation of protein functions (National Institute of Oncology) 36 25 248
Updated: 22 November 2019
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