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Support for participation in joint EU initiatives (NEMZ_16), 1st round
Support for participation in joint EU initiatives (NEMZ_16), 1st round
01 December 2016
Modified: 21 August 2018
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The funding scheme provides domestic funding required for participation in international collaborations in order to foster the participation of Hungarian stakeholders in the following joint programmes and initiatives financed partly under the EU H2020 framework programme and partly from member states contributions:
  • Active and Assisted Living (AAL)
  • Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership (ECSEL)
  • Eurostars Programme (EUROSTARS)

In the first assessment round one business company was awarded HUF 75 million in non-refundable funding from the NRDI Fund.


Funding organisation: NRDI Office
Source: NRDI Fund
Date of decision: 30 November 2016


Project code
Name of applicant(s)
Project title
Amount of awarded funds

Total eligible project costs

4 D Soft Kft.
Célorientált statikus analizátor Java programnyelvre a Java technológiákkal együtt
75 746 700
134 399 400

Updated: 21 August 2018
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