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Support of activities fostering the domestic and international protection of intellectual property to facilitate industrial utilisation (2021-1.1.1-IPARJOG), funded projects in 6th round
2021-1.1.1-IPARJOG, funded projects in 6th round
22 May 2024
Modified: 22 May 2024
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The aim of the call is to support activities for the protection of intellectual property rights in Hungary and/or internationally.

The 3 funding requests received between 1 September 2023 and 31 October 2023 for the call 2021-1.1.1-IPARJOG amounts to HUF 2,700,000. The Innovation Board and the President of the NRDI Office have proposed to the Funder to support 2 proposals worth HUF 1,200,000.

Based on the decision of the Funding Agency, 2 projects will receive a total of HUF 1,200,000 in non-refundable grants from the NRDI Fund. 


Funding organisation: Ministry of Culture and Innovation
Source: NRDI Fund
Date of decision: 17 May 2024

Project code
Name of applicant
Project title
Amount of awarded funds

Total eligible project costs

Site of implementation
2021-1.1.1-IPARJOG-2023-00068 Dr. Feczkó Tivadar P2300168 ügyszámú hazai szabadalmi bejelentés 600 000 600 000 -
2021-1.1.1-IPARJOG-2023-00069 Varga Gábor Előregyártott sorolható házelem modul rendszer 5650 600 000 600 000 -
Updated: 22 May 2024
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