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Forefront – Research Excellence Programme (KKP_21), funded projects
Forefront (KKP_21), funded projects
24 June 2021
Modified: 12 September 2022
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Eight research team leaders have been awarded a total of HUF 2.23 billion in funding, HUF 200 to 300 million each, under the Forefront – Research Excellence Programme launched on 20 November 2020, managed by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, with the policy support of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology. The research funding will enable the applicants to carry out a world-class research project in Hungary over the next five years, which will help it to participate successfully in the European Research Council (ERC) research funding programmes.

As in previous years, one of the selection criteria for the call was that the team leaders should have at least one previous successful international project. The programme received 11 admissible proposals with a funding demand of more than HUF 3 billion. 64% (7) of the proposals focused on life sciences, 18% (2) on medical and biological sciences , 1 on humanities, and 1 on ecology.

The funding decision was based on the assessment of an evaluation panel appointed by the NRDI Office and on the applicants’ personal project presentations. The evaluation panel examined the proposals against the selection criteria of the call and invited all 11 applicants to present their project proposals in a personal interview. Following the presentations, the evaluation panel ranked the proposals and recommended 8 proposals for funding to the minister responsible for science policy coordination.

Based on this recommendation, the deputy state secretary for innovation, acting on the instructions of the minister responsible for science policy coordination, has decided to support the following 8 outstanding research proposals with a total amount of HUF 2.23 billion:


Funding organisation: Ministry for Innovation and Technology
Source: NRDI Fund
Date of decision: 3 June 2021

Evaluation panel
Project code
Principal investigator/Project title/Research organisation
Project period
Amount of awarded funds
(in HUF thousands)
'Forefront' Research Excellence Programme 137373 Péter Dombi: Nonlinear plasmonic phenomena and devices (Wigner Research Centre for Physics) 60 300 000
'Forefront' Research Excellence Programme 137490 Balázs Gerencsér: Smart random walks and smart new links (Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics) 60 232 908
'Forefront' Research Excellence Programme 137491 Enikő Kubinyi: Pet keeping from an evolutionary perspective: A novel approach for improving human and animal health (Eötvös Loránd University) 60 299 400
'Forefront' Research Excellence Programme 137523 László Molnár: Asteroseismic laboratories (Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences) 60 299 795
'Forefront' Research Excellence Programme 138144 Levente Tapasztó: Novel phenomena in artificial crystals built from 2D materials (Centre for Energy Research) 60 277 200
'Forefront' Research Excellence Programme 138270 Endre Csóka: Randomized Local Algorithms on Sparse Random Graphs (Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics) 60 218 366
'Forefront' Research Excellence Programme 138726 Botond Roska: Novel approaches to restore vision and to retard the loss of vision (Semmelweis University) 60 300 000
'Forefront' Research Excellence Programme 139502 Miklós Abért: Groups and graph limits (Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics) 60 299 583
Updated: 12 September 2022
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