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Ministry for Innovation and Technology: half a thousand businesses encouraged to innovate by a call worth HUF 8 billion
09 June 2021
Modified: 01 July 2021
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Budapest, Wednesday, 9 June 2021 (MTI) - In the third and final phase of the SME Start Innovation call, nearly HUF 3 billion in funding was awarded to nearly 170 projects, Tamás Schanda, Minister for Innovation and Technology, announced in a statement on Wednesday.

The call for proposals aims to encourage new players among small Hungarian enterprises to start innovation activities, which was spectacularly successful, as 470 projects received funding in the amount of more than HUF 8 billion, the State Secretary of the Ministry added.

The SME Start Innovation call launched by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NRDI Office) is a new initiative to mobilise companies that have not previously applied for research, development and innovation funding, said Tamás Schanda.

The call provides up to 60 percent support for market-oriented projects of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to start up and develop innovation activities. The success of the programme is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the call supports the implementation of a total of 470 ideas worth more than HUF 8 billion, the Deputy Minister said.

In the third phase of the call, which has just closed, nearly HUF 3 billion in innovation funding was awarded to 170 winners. The majority of the funded projects were technical scientific innovations, but also included product or service development related to health, humanities, natural and social sciences. More than half of the winning applicants are from Central Hungary.

Tamás Schanda stressed: “Thanks to the successful call, nearly half a thousand Hungarian SMEs across the country will be able to start implementing their innovation ideas. As they have not previously been engaged in RDI activities, the call can also contribute to the creation of high value-added jobs in the market."

As a result of the SME Start Innovation, enterprises start innovation processes, implement adaptive innovation activities, can develop novel and commercially viable prototypes, products, technologies or services. Detailed information on the results of the call is available on the NRDI Office’s website.

Source: MTI

Updated: 01 July 2021
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