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Katalin Sebők
05 November 2018
Modified: 23 December 2021
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Vice President for Business Innovation

Sebők Katalin, NKFI Hivatal elnökhelyetteseVice Presidents assist the President's work and perform their duties under the supervision of the President. Vice Presidents are appointed by the Minister responsible for the coordination of science policy. Term of their appointment is 5 years, one can be appointed for maximum two terms. Vice Presidents supervise the activities of their subordinated organisational units, the heads of which report to the Vice President. The work of the President is assisted by two Vice Presidents in the NRDI Office: the Vice President for Science and Innovation Affairs, and the Vice President for Business Innovation.

Vice President for Business Innovation

As a coordinator of the Hungarian funding system of innovation, she oversees the implementation of relevant calls announced from the domestic NRDI Fund, as well as the professional and financial follow-up and monitoring of funded projects from their contracting until termination. In relation with innovation-targeted operational programmes financed from EU sources, she contributes to performing professional and executive tasks which fall within the NRDI Office’s cognisance. In order to have the financial resources of innovation calls efficiently utilised, she supplies applicants with professional orientation, operationally controls the development of innovation ecosystem at universities and regional innovation initiatives, builds and offers a quality-focused portfolio of services for actors throughout the RDI sector to broaden the social and economic base of Hungarian innovation. Her role includes participation in shaping national policies such as the RDI Strategy and the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Hungary, and the preparation of the annual program strategy and actions of the NRDI Fund.

Higher education

  • 2004: certified economist, University of West Hungary, Faculty of Economics

Professional experience

  • from 1 October 2018: Vice President for Research and Development, National Research, Development and Innovation Office
  • 2017–2018: Director of Development, Neumann János Nonprofit Ltd.
    • key collaborative partnerships, programme management
    • expansion of business development activities supporting ICT start-ups
    • implementation of a finance and control environment supporting ICT start-ups
    • implementation management of the programme supporting the international market entry of ICT start-ups
    • coordination of calls for proposals and the modification of funding agreements

  • 2016–2017: Professional Leader of a priority government programme, Governmental Information Technology Development Agency
    • operative planning of a programme aimed at the creation of a mentor network supporting the international market entry of ICT start-ups; building up the organisation; coordination of professional activities
    • coordination of the regional network of coordinators, training, communication and international business development
    • budgeting, budget utilisation, ensuring the professional compliance of funding programmes
    • participation in the preparation of and inter-ministerial consultations about the call notice (product specification) of the “Dedicated seed and pre-seed investment fund for ICT start-ups to develop new ideas and enter new markets” venture capital programme

  • 2011–2015: Head of Department, National Innovation Office, Strategy Department
    • management of the development of the National Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3)
    • organisation of public consultation on the national RDI strategy; coordination of implementation
    • coordination of the preparation and selection process of the Accredited Technology Incubator funding programme; consultation with partner ministries and RDI stakeholders
    • coordination of the preparation of strategic RDI sectoral chapters (ICT, healthcare, agriculture, energy, environment, mobility, automotive industry, logistics)
    • coordination of the preparation of the review on the Research and Technology Innovation Fund
    • coordination of the set-up and operation of a mentor programme (involving 100+ mentors)

  • 2008–2011 Auditor, State Audit Office, Directorate Supervising the Central Level of Public Finances
    • audit of final accounts (Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of National Resources; audit of chapter managed appropriations)
    • audit of budget planning (Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of National Resources; audit of chapter managed appropriations)

  • 2007–2008 On-site Auditor, MAG Hungarian Economic Development Centre
    • on-site audit of projects funded under Priorities 1–4, Economic Competitiveness Operational Programme, National Development Plan 1
    • on-site audit of projects funded under Priorities 1–4, Economic Development Operational Programme, New Hungary Development Plan
    • participation in the investigation of suspected misuse of funds

  • 2005–2007 Auditor of funded projects, Office of R&D Funding and Research Utilisation
    • on-site audit of projects funded under Priority 1 (research, development and innovation), Economic Competitiveness Operational Programme, National Development Plan 1
    • audits in relation to the pre-decision and implementation period of funded projects
    • preparation of official positions

Language skills

  • English – conversational
  • German – conversational

Personal data

  • Date of birth: 21 November 1979
Updated: 23 December 2021
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